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Lakme Fashion Week Closes with a Star Studded Post Party

As the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week and Delhi Fashion Week end in style, most of the designers and some celebrities attended a post party event at Plaza Grand Hyatt in Mumbai.

Celebrities like Manisha Koirala, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, and others showed up at the post party.
In its tenth year now, the Lakme Fashion Week had 73 designers on board. Of these, 65 of them showcased their collections on the ramp in five days.

The 73 designers presented their collections at 'The Source', a marquee area at Lakme Fashion Week for business interactions.

Besides them, Lakme and IMG Fashion also promoted young designers. Eight new talents presented their collections under the GenNext program along with six emerging designers and 48 established ones.

Celebrating the spirit of fashion, season after season, sponsors like Levi's, SkodaAuto, Westside and DHL continue to pledge their commitment to Lakme Fashion Week. This season, Lakme has also collaborated with new sponsors like Carlsberg, Grey Goose, Marie Claire, while Grand Hyatt-Mumbai is the venue and official hospitality partner.

The Lakme Fashion Week Grand Finale had a comeback by veteran designer Anamika Khanna. The event had domestic buyers as well as those from Middle East, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland and South East Asian countries.

Last season, the Menswear Day and the Group Accessory Designer show had received much applause and Lakme repeated both this season.

International model Naomi Campbell came for the first time in Lakme Fashion Week and walked the ramp for the cause of the 26/11 victims. Apparently, Campbell had requested friends Roberto Cavalli, Carolina Harrera, Versace, YSL and Isaac Mizrahi to showcase their designs at Lakme Fashion Week.

Bollywood was part of the event with names like John Abraham and Mughda Godse walking for designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed, Arbaaz Khan for Wendell Rodericks and actor Anil Kapoor for designer Kunal Rawal. Barbie, who has completed 50 years recently, had celebrity Katrina Kaif walk the ramp at Lakme, dressed in pink.

Lakme Fashion Week has been pleased to announce the dates for the following Spring/Summer 2010 collection to be held from 18th to 22nd September 2009, at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai once again.

So our viewers, we ask you what do you think overall of the Lakme Fashion Week? Do you think these designers convinced people to purchase their one of kind designs? What will Lakme hold in the future for these designers? Give us your comments. And check out the pictures from the event below.

Neil At Lakme

Soap Stars at Lakme

Lakme Fashion Models

Naomi Campbell Turns Heads of Bollywood Producers at Lakme Fashion Week

Naomi Campbell has already made her debut in Bollywood by playing a role in the movie 'Karma Aur Holi' with Sushmita Sen and Randeep Hooda. So it wasn't a surprise to see the supermodel strut her stuff down the catwalk at Lakme Fashion Week for the first time in a black and gold sari. It was a surprise that not one, but two well-known Bollywood producers approached Naomi Campbell.

The supermodel was also introduced to a couple of Bollywood stars. Deepika Padukone, Farhan Akhtar and Kunal Kapoor were just a few of the stars that Naomi Campbell got to schmooze with the day of the show. And what about those two Bollywood producers that approached her? Well, it's been reported that it was so she could receive two movie offers for Bollywood films.

A source said that "Naomi had never modeled in India before but she loved every minute...At the end of the show, two well-known Bollywood producers approached her and asked if she'd be interested in screen testing." That's right-you might soon be seeing more of Naomi Campbell opposite some of the hottest Bollywood actors. They continued and said "Naomi was incredibly flattered and plans to come back to Mumbai for more talks whenever she next has a break in her schedule."

It's not certain when the busy supermodel is going to have time to take out of her schedule to come back for screen testing, but it seems like something that's highly likely. Naomi Campbell said about her love for India "I had a song 'La-La-La Love Song' which had a video heavily influenced by India...Even where Indian fashion is concerned; I love the clothes-the sari... Indian women are very pretty and they carry themselves very well."

So we want to know what you think about supermodel Naomi Campbell becoming a more permanent part of Bollywood. Do you want to see more of her in Bollywood films? Or would you prefer to see someone else? Let us know your thoughts.

Naomi Cambell smiling

Jay Sean's New Fetish

Everyone loves a good Jay Sean story. Usually it involves a new project he's working on or a tour date that was filled with a crowd. But recently, we've been seeing some pictures of Jay Sean and quite frankly they've left us a little disturbed. Jay Sean is still as hot and sexy as ever and we can't deny his obvious talent. But what's up with his hand being, well...down there all the time? Talk about self love!

Jay Sean has been reaching a level of success that spans the world. He's been touring and while on his tour he's also been seen kind of touching himself. We're not sure how we feel about this. Is he trying to make sure everything is still there and in place? Or has the fame just given him a new fixation?

The other possibility is that maybe Jay Sean thought he would steal Michael Jackson's signature grab the crotch move. After all, Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop. Maybe this is Jay Sean's way of stealing his (ahem) 'crown' to speak.

That's about all the ideas we can come up with for Jay Sean's strange new behavior. Well, now we want our readers to check out the evidence. We know our readers love Jay Sean, but this is just downright bizarre. That's why we want you to tell us what you think is going on. Look at the two pictures and give us your opinion. We can't wait to read what you come up with as reasons why Jay Sean is getting fresh in public.

We caught Jay Sean red handed.


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Shahrukh Khan Takes On Lakme Catwalk Wearing A Designer Sling

Oh Shahrukh Khan, it's impossible not to love you! The actor has been through a lot since his injury and recent surgery. But it's nice to see that he still manages to keep a sense of humor about the situation. That's why it wasn't at all surprising that Shahrukh Khan walked down the catwalk at the Lakme Fashion Week show wearing the designs of Manish Malhotra as well as a black and gold sling Manish designed to match his outfit.

A sling isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of fashion. But Manish Malhotra pulled the look off with the help of a superstar like Shahrukh Khan who posed stylishly while wearing the sling. Shahrukh Khan said in his congenial manner "I was supposed to give it up [the sling] and Manish showed me the gold and black sling and I said...from tomorrow I am without the sling. But oh! To wear a sling designed by Manish Malhotra in black and gold!" There was no surprise that as soon as Shahrukh Khan walked out; he was a hit with the audience.

The Bollywood actor quickly became the star of the show for Malhotra's collection. The clothes from the collection that Shahrukh Khan was donning is inspired by Shahrukh Khan's IPL cricket team; the Kolkata Knight Riders. Shahrukh Khan continued his praise for Manish Malhotra by saying "Manish is the first fashion designer in the history of mankind to design a sling. I don't know if they give away a Filmfare Award at the end of the fashion show. But I think Manish should be given a Filmfare for the best sling. He's the world's best sling designer now."

So we want you to check out the fun pictures of Shahrukh Khan and his hot gold and black sling. Tell us what you think about Manish Malhotra creating a designer sling to go with Shahrukh Khan. We can't wait to read your comments on Shahrukh Khan's outfit.

What Can Raghav, Jay Sean And Rishi Rich Credit Their Success to?

Massive crowds pack into venues to listen to the music made by artist like Raghav, Jay Sean and Rishi Rich. There is no denying that these men have done some incredible things with their career. Take a look at some of their major accomplishments below.

Urban Desi dudes graphic

So now that you have looked over their stats what do you think? Would you consider these events to be key in their success? What else would you add to it? What do you think the future holds for them? They are all definitely very talented so will they continue to succeed? Share your thoughts below

Bollywood Changes Name to 'Mollywood'

by: April Phool

Pretty much everyone knows the reason that Mumbai is no longer called Bombay. The name was always Mumbai, but sometime ago when the British were ruling India-it turned into Bombay. Thank goodness for independence.

Well, subsequently, the film industry in Mumbai became known as Bollywood. It was partly the fact that-again, the city was called Bombay and they wanted to pay a little homage to Hollywood. Well, Desi Hits! has just received word that there's going to now be a name change to the film industry.

Bollywood is now going to be Mollywood. That's right, Mollywood is here to stay so get used to it. The name change has reportedly been long coming and was finally decided on by the Indian Film Association. They want to unite their country under the rightful name of Mumbai, that's why we want to start getting the word out.

It seems like a good idea, considering Bollywood and Mumbai don't make much sense. We just feel bad for all those countless books, DVDs, even dances that will have to soon ditch the word 'Bollywood' for 'Mollywood'. For example, will the new Katrina Kaif Barbie now be called 'Mollywood Barbie'? We're sure the film industry and the government are going to come together to make this change happen seamlessly.

All you have to do is tell your friends and family. This is something that the entire country needs to come together and get behind. So we want to know what you think about the name change of the film industry. Do you think that it's a necessary and important distinction that needs to be made? Or do you want to just leave the name as Bollywood and move on with the whole issue? Give us your thoughts and be sure to voice your opinions and concern!

Bollywood turns mollywood

Just kidding! Happy April Fools Day!

Slumdog Star Rubina Ali Qureshi Makes It Big in Ad with Nicole Kidman

By Jean McCullum

The goldmine for star Rubina Ali Qureshi , known for her role as the younger Latika in "Slumdog Millionaire," is a new soft drinks ad with Nicole Kidman.

The ad that features Rubina Ali Qureshi, Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, and Bollywood star Arjun Rampal reportedly brought in more money for the newfound child star than the movie that plucked her from the slums of Mumbai.

The ad, that was shot over several days in Udaipur was produced by Hollywood big time Ridely Scott ("American Gangster") and was directed by Shekhar Kapur.

Even in the limelight, Rubina Ali Qureshi's father Rafiq Ali notes that the Slumdog people have not fully kept to their word. The family is unsure about the promise of a trust fund for the nine-year-old's studies.

Because of the cash flow for the new soft drinks ad, Rubina Ali Qureshi's family has hopes for her pending stardom, and for a suitable place to live. The profit made from "Slumdog Millionaire" has not been enough to support the family.

Rubina Ali Qureshi's Hollywood co-star Nicole Kidman is taking on new experiences as well. While in India, she bonded with Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal, the other co-star of the ad. Nicole Kidman was very touched when Arjun Rampal gave her a saree from designer Tarun Tahiliani after the ad shoot.

Rubina Ali Qureshi is working with big stars. Hopefully this ad is a vital connection and she can continue to work her way up as an actress. We at Desi Hits think that she is on her way up, but will there be more opportunities for this young actress? Do you think Rubina Ali Qureshi is bound to fame? How does it make you feel that she made more money for an ad than for "Slumdog Millionaire"?

Rubina Ali Qureshi soft drink ad