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Twinkle Khanna Gets Arrested and Got Bailed Out

April 10 2009 13:40 PST

By: Mufsin Mahbub

Akshay Kumar's wife, Twinkle Khanna, was arrested by the Vakola police and released on a cash bail of Rs 950 late on Wednesday for supposedly obscene behavior at the Lakme Fashion Show held at a Santa Cruz hotel a few days back.

Police officers said Twinkle was with her lawyer Bhairav Choudhary when she surrendered. A huge crowd gathered outside the police station and it stayed for the couple of hours she spent at the Vakola police station.

Assistant commissioner of police in the Vakola division Arvind Mahabdi said: ''It was a bailable offence and we released her on a bail of Rs 950 at the police station itself. We are now waiting for Akshay.'' A person, claiming to be a social worker, had supposed that husband and wife had behaved in an obscene and offensive manner and action should be made against them.

Akshay Kumar also faces arrest on the same charges. The duo and organizers of the fashion show have been booked under section 294 IPC (obscene act and songs), police said.

Twinkle told police that Akshay was abroad on a professional assignment and would come to the police station to complete some legal paperwork as soon as he returns next week.

Police officers, however, said they might not pursue the case as it was very ''weak in law''.

An officer said, ''Akshay's trouser was supposed to be unbuttoned by some other woman on the ramp but Akshay went to wife Twinkle."

The act had Akshay walking down the ramp at Lakme Fashion show last week for designer Tarun Tahiliani when he suddenly stopped in front of his wife who was seated in the front row and asked her to unbutton his jeans.

In case you missed it or if you want to see it again, the video below shows Akshay Kumar walking down the ramp during Lakme Fashion Week. See if you can spot this endeavor.

Now we want your opinion on this matter. Do you think Akshay Kumar and his wife really deserve to be facing some charges for this act? Give us your comments on this mishap.

Thara Collaborates With John Legend On

April 10 2009 20:35 PST

Look at what the sexy songstress is up to now! Thara brings her fans a duet with superstar John Legend! The song entitled "Maybe" was co-written along with John Legend. The track is also Thara's big single off her Japanese album that released last year. Thara has already worked alongside major artist like, Jay-Z but she never takes for granted working with musicians of high saturate and she truly appreciated her opportunity to work with the Legendary artist, John Legend. Thara told Desi Hits! "I am very lucky to have been able work with one of the greatest artist in my generation. Working with John Legend was certainly one of my career highlights."

This will be the first song that Thara will release since her retirement from music. Thara's decision to retire was made because she wanted to take time to pursue her other passions like yoga. Thara has spent this time instructing Bikram Yoga. She also remained connected to the music scene through consulting on other artist projects.

It has been a while since Thara has come out with a new song, but Thara is clear, however, when she says "Don't call it a comeback"-I just hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did writing it!"

The singer has made major accomplishments during her career. She was one of the first Desi artists to ever get signed to a major deal and has written several Platinum selling songs. We guess with this collaboration she has one more thing to add to her long list of achievements.

To give you a sample of what to expect we have a snippet of her song below. Listen to it and tell us what you think. Give us your thoughts on this great collaboration! There is only one more week left till the song is released in the US!


Thara is releasing a new track in the US called 'Maybe'.

India's "Hottest" Woman Gets Guinness World Record

April 10 2009 19:35 PST

By: Mufsin Mahbub

26-year-old Anandita Dutta Tamuly broke the world record of gobbling down 51 chili peppers in under 2 minutes without battling an eyelid or shedding a tear. She gobbled up the "ghost chillies" in front of British chef Gordon Ramsay in the north-eastern state of Assam.

Ms Tamuly told Associated Press she "felt terrible" - because she had managed 60 in an earlier local event. Mr. Ramsay tried a chili but said "it's too much" and pleaded for water. He is in Assam for a television shoot of a global food series.

Guinness World Records accepted in 2007 that the ghost chili was the world's spiciest at more than one million Scoville units, the measure of spiciness. A standard green chili has about 1,500 units.

The chili record took place on Thursday in Jorhat, 200 miles north-east of state capital, Guwahati.

Ms Tamuly told the Associated Press that she used to eat the chili as a child "while children of my age roamed the village to look for berries".

She became addicted to chillies when she was only five years old. "I had a sore tongue and my mother applied chili paste to cure the infection when I was five years old. Since then I developed a penchant for chillies," Tamuly said.

"I don't feel any difference. I don't know why," she said.

Tamuly claims her chili eating habit has had no affect on her health.

Atul Lahkar, a local chef, told the Times of India that Ms Tamuly also "smeared seeds of 24 chillies in her eyes in one minute with the crowd simply awestruck".

Her achievement will be published into this year's Guinness of World Records for this unusual record.

Now we want to know what you guys think. Is Anandita Dutta Tamuly truly the "hottest" woman on Earth? Give us your opinion on this world breaking lady.

Anita Dutta Tamuly rubs chillies in her eyes

Gurinder Chada's New Movie Begins Shooting

April 10 2009 19:45 PST

Hey guys, we told you about Gurinder Chada's new movie not too long ago. Well, the director who brought you films like 'Bend it Like Beckham' and 'Bride and Prejudice'; has finally given word that's she's officially shooting her latest film 'It's A Wonderful Afterlife'. The film is one that will apparently be a good time for everyone.

The film is a comedy about an Indian mother who is absolutely obsessed with marriage. 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife' is said to be like 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' meets 'Shaun Of The Dead'. It's going to be produced and directed by the Golden Globe nominee Gurinder Chadha. She and her husband Paul Mayeda Berges co-wrote the screenplay for the new film.

Newcomer Goldy Notay will be in the lead. She'll be joined by Shabana Azmi, Shaheen Khan, and Sendhil Ramamurthy. The rest of the international cast will be announced shortly and will hopefully include some big Hollywood names. The film is being co-produced by The Indian Film Company and Bend It Films in association with Studio 18.

Gurinder Chadha said of her latest release "I am thrilled to be making another British movie in the west London suburbs of Southall and Ealing with a true feeling of the Ealing comedies of Michael Balcon I so admire. This is also my tribute to one of the great directors, Frank Capra and my all time favourite movie, 'It's a Wonderful Life'."

We're sure Gurinder Chadha will put in a lot of effort for this one; to make sure it lives up to not only her past films, but also to her favourite movie and directors. So we want to know if you're excited about the filming of 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife'. Is it a movie that you will want to go see? Or are you not interested in Gurinder Chadha's films? Give us your thoughts on 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife'.

It's a Wonderful Afterlife Poster