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A ‘flying’ birthday for Imtiaz

Birthday surprises are really cool and unpredictable. You never know from where someone will jump on you with a birthday bash. And this article tells you about a birthday celebration that was held airborne.

Imtiaz Ali, the director of ‘Love Aj Kal’ and ‘Jab We Met’, had real birthday surprise on a flight journey. He was taken aback to see the birthday cake and champagne, while co-passengers sang out the birthday song when they were mid-air. It is said that Saif Ali Khan was the man behind the whole celebration. The director was really taken aback and embarrassed but soon came out of the haze and was deeply touched with the plan. The birthday boy, later once he touched the ground, told sources that this is one birthday he is never going to forget.

Shopoholic Shilpa

Women don’t love shopping. Say this and chances are there you will either be a victim of weird stare or you might get to hear negative exclamations laced with doubt of your insanity from all sides. Ok leave that apart and let’s see what this shopping maniac was up to.

Recently, Ms. Long Legs was on a vacation in London. An ardent shopper, Shilpa Shetty was on a shopping spree, along with her shopping buddy, mom! Both daughter and mother seemed to spent lot of their time roaming around the shops, exploring new items and buying loads of stuffs. It is said that how much ever the actress is tied up with work commitments and schedules, but Shilpa makes it a point to shop, that too in a full swing.

Sources revealed that Shilpa’s mamma helped to find several decorative and ornamental pieces for her beti’s new house.

Hmmm, looks like the duo might have drained the London shops…

Album Review: AG Dolla's 'Mr Shah'

AG Dolla has been on the UK rap scene for 4 years and is finally ready to release his debut album, "Mr. Shah," on the Soundproof Entertainment label. After creating a buzz on the scene with his mixtape, 'My Life in Rhymes,' will 'Mr. Shah' be able to stamp AG Dolla's identity as the top UK South Asian MC ? Check out some of the songs off the 13-track sample from his album, "Mr. Shah."

Get the AG Dolla's New Album:

1. Border Control
2. Row Your Boat
3. Mamacita Featuring Sai Priya
4. Under Your Spell
5. 3 Wished Featuring Sarah McLellan
6. Do You Feel The Same Featuring Ash King
7. Loveless Featuring Sef
8. Club Crazy
9. AG Dollas Here
10. I Wanna Tell You Featuring Sai Priya
11. Pack It Up Featuring Sarah McLellan
12. Picture Frame Featuring Ruptured
13. Independent Featuring V Dubl E & Sai Priya

What We Think:
It seems that the 4 year wait has been worth it as AG Dolla delivers an eclectic debut album. Throughout the 13 tracks, AG shows off his vast talent as he flows through different musical genres. Each track is so unique! 'Border Control', '3 Wishes', 'Pack It Up', and 'Independent' are all tracks that touch upon real issues that we see today. From violence to AG's struggles as an artist, he's not afraid to share his feelings with the world.

Depth is added to each song with one hot collaboration after another. Sarah McLellan is featured on '3 Wishes' and 'Pack It Up' and her sweet yet powerful voice helps relay the emotion AG is portraying, she definitely completes these tracks. AG also has a touch of Bollywood on this album with 'Dola Re Dola' on his track 'Border Control' and 'Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamana Hai' on 'AG Dolla's Here'.

To finish up the album AG Dolla's got a treat for his Punjabi fans. Amongst all the emotion and rap, AG's track 'Club Crazy' is a Bhangra track that made us wanna get up and dance. AG Dolla's album 'Mr. Shah' has a Bollywood, Bhangra and Latin flair, all matched with powerful rap lyrics.

Best Tracks:
Club Crazy, Border Control and Mamacita ft. Sai Priya

Worst track:
'Independent'We had a tough time determining what the worst track on the album was because the album has some much to offer. 'Independent' is a tad long and broken up with a skit, so to say. The track adds no excitement to the album and can be skipped.

He says...
"This album is my debut to the world, I called it Mr. Shah because it represents me and it's about certain peers. I project managed everything myself. I hope when people listen to this they think that deserve to be here."

Final Verdict:
From its catchy hooks and sick beats, AG's album 'Mr. Shah' is one we'd recommend. This may possibly be the best album by a South Asian MC to date.

4 out of 5 stars

Buy the Album



The King of Pop Michael Jackson Has Passed Away

We just learned that the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson has passed away at the young age of 50. TMZ reports that the iconic star was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital from his Bel-Air mansion where he suffered cardiac arrest and regrettably passed away.There have been reports that the artist had been dealing with several medical issues in recent times.

The world was anticipating the legendary artist's upcoming tour which he has been rehearsing for .

The star known for his great hits such as "Billie Jean," and "Thriller" will forever be remembered. We give our condolences to his family and are saddened by this loss that will significantly impact the music industry. He will always be remembered for his contributions to the world music scene.

AR Rahman Signs Massive Music Deal with Universal Music

If you thought music director, AR Rahman was a big international success, just wait because he is about to become, well...even bigger. The acclaimed musical guru has just signed a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group.

Universal Music Publishing Group is a world renowned music publishing company that represents many musical writers and artists. Their clients include Eminem, 50 Cent, and Britney Spears, just to name a few. Now, AR Rahman joins the cast of these creative minds.

Mr. Rahman, was truly launched onto the international scene with his Oscar winning musical score to "Slumdog Millionaire." Now, he will enjoy even more international acclaim as he prepares to embark on what seems to be a promising partnership.

AR Rahman gave Desihits! an exclusive quote to describe his feelings on his new deal. "I am looking forward to interesting things." We are too!!

Let us know how you feel about this AR Rahman's new representation.

Penyakit AIDS dan HIV

Ada beberapa pengertian yang menyamakan HIV dengan AIDS, namun sebenarnya HIV tidak sama dengan AIDS. AIDS adalah penyakitnya (bila sudah terserang maka seseorang dapat dikatakan terinfeksi AIDS), sedangkan HIV adalah virusnya.

AIDS (Aquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) adalah penyakit yang menyebabkan hilangnya kekebalan tubuh untuk mencegah infeksi penyakit. Bila sudah demikian, maka tubuh tidak dapat mengatasi penyakit-penyakit. Penyakit kecil pun dapat menyebabkan tubuh mengalami hal fatal.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) adalah virus yang menyebabkan AIDS, HIV dapat ditularkan melalui kontak langsung maelalui darah dan cairan tubuh.

Penggunaan Jarum Suntik penderita ketergantungan NARKOBA, gonta-ganti pasangan, hubungan SEX tanpa pengaman adalah penyebab utama penyakit AIDS. Gejala penyakit ini muncul dalam kurun waktu cukup lama (10 Tahunan). Selama masa tersebut mereka yang terkena dapat saja menularkannya tanpa sepengetahuannya.

Segera setelah gejala AIDS terlihat, penderita dapat kehilangan berat badan secara drastis, mudah lelah, pembengkakan limpa, diare akut, PNEUMONIA (berkeringat di malam hari). Mereka yang terkena AIDS juga sangat rentan infeksi yang dapat mengancam hidup mereka.

Downloading High Quality Movie (DVDRip) Using Torrent Client

Many of people enjoy watching Latest Hollywod or Warner Brothers and another Film Production in cinemas, but some people can download the high quality videos / film using Torrent Client such UTorrent or BitTorrent.

Some torrent that provide high Quality latest best film DVDRip are AXXO, FXG. etc. The torrent announcer by AXXO , FXG, etc use their name in the filename. Beside provide the film in AVI format, they ussualy include the subtitle in one solution download.

How you can do the download using torrent client such as
UTorrent or BitTorrent..? There are simple way to do this.

First, you must have a torrent client. In example here I'm using
1. Search with keywords AXXO or FXG or DVDRIP in or
mininova .org
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5. Wait until the download Finish

Usually higher connection speed good for the download. Please be patient wait the film finish to download.

Justice is Served For T.I.'s Assistant as Brothers are Locked Up

The family of victim, Philant Johnson, may finally be getting some solace as the second man involved in the shooting of rapper T.I.'s young assistant received his sentencing. Padron Thomas received seventeen years in prison after testifying in court against his brother, Hosea Thomas, the shooter.

Padron admitted to driving the vehicle that ambushed and fired upon T.I’s entourage on May 3, 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The prosecutors’ dropped the murder charges in exchange for Padron's plea against his brother. His testimony was enough evidence to book Hosea and finally put the murderer behind bars.

Hosea was sentenced to sixty-six years in prison for shooting Philant Johnson after a dispute in a club three years ago. Hosea said in court, “I was a knucklehead; I wish I could take it all back.”

This is not the first offense for Hosea Thomas. He was recently released from prison in 2002 after he served a fourteen year sentence for rape and robbery. Also, he was involved in a massive drug conspiracy that transported hundreds of pounds of marijuana from California to Cincinnati.

The family and T.I are both relieved that the brothers have been locked up and are off the streets. After three years their prayers have been answered and Philant can finally rest in peace.

Do you guys think it was fair that Padron Thomas only received seventeen years in prison for his involvement in the murder? Drop your comments below and let us know.

Brothers, Padron and Hosea Thomas were sentenced to serious jail time in response to the murder of T.I's assistant, Philant Johnson.

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Picas Blog First Blog Award

Kali ini saya ingin memposting mengenai award yang saya terima. Kalau boleh jujur, ini kali pertama Picas Blog ini mendapat award dari sahabat blogger yang lain. Saya dapatkan award ini dari Azwar weBlog (thank you very much).

Sebenarnya apa sih blog award itu? mungkin blogger yang lain juga sering bertanya, saya sendiri pun sering bertanya-tanya. Tapi menurut blog walking pengamatan saya, blog award ini sebenarnya hampir sama dengan link exchange (saling bertukar link alamat url blog). Hanya saja, setelah kita menerima award dari sahabat blogger yang lain, award yang kita terima tadi, kita sebarkan lagi kepada 10 (atau lebih) orang sahabat blogger yang kita ketahui atau menurut kita layak untuk mendapatkan award ini. (Mohon bila ada penjelasan lain mengenai blog award bisa sharing di kolom komentar)

Daftar penerima blog award dari saya :)

Untuk diketahui, saya dan sahabat blogger lainnya yang mendapatkan award ini, perlu wajib untuk melakukan beberapa langkah seperti dibawah ini;

  1. Membuat postingan mengenai award ini dan menampilkan gambar award tersebut.
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  3. Hadiahkan / sebarkan lagi kepada sahabat blogger lain yang anda kenal atau menurut anda layak untuk mendapatkan award ini.
  4. Kunjungi blog si penerima award dan beritahu bahwa anda telah memberinya blog award.
Mudah bukan? Baiklah, berikut adalah sahabat blogger yang menerima award ini;

  1. Aan(
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Bagi sahabat blogger yang lain yang tidak mendapatkan award ini, jangan bersedih kecewa, sahabat bisa menaruh link blog saya di blog sahabat, lalu beritahukan ke saya, maka saya akan menaruh link blog sahabat di blog saya ini (link exchange).

Intinya adalah, mari kita semua para blogger Indonesia untuk saling bersilaturahmi dengan cara saling bertukan link, menyebarkan award dan memberi komentar pada setiap postingan. Bagi penerima blog award ini, jangan lupa di posting (langkah no.1), akan tetapi bila tidak sempat atau lagi sibuk, sahabat blogger bisa mempostingnya lain waktu, yang penting tetap di posting yaa.

Terima kasih kepada sahabat blogger semua. Mari jalin Silaturahmi dan keep blogging

Oh My God(Kamal,Kriya) - Photo Gallery, On The Sets

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