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Shahid Kapoor Wants To Grow Up

Apparently Shahid Kapoor wants to grow up, on screen at least. Kapoor has decided that he wants to stay away from his old roles, as the boy next door and focus more on a "manlier" role. He wants to change his image so badly that for his latest film, "Yahoo!" he was a bit of a drama queen.

"Yahoo,!" was directed by Ken Gosh who had to constantly deal with Kapoor's nagging. Shahid even had Ken Ghosh recast the role of his love interest. Sources say that Jiah Khan was originally cast for the part but Shahid Kapoor didn't like the way she complimented his role. Ghosh then had to find another girl for Shahid and chose Genelia D' Souza, feeling that she brought a more mature character to the film. The tricky thing was that Jiah had already shot a song for the film, her part ended up being edited out.

That isn't the only thing that changed. The original storyline had Shahid Kapoor as an nice up and coming singer with kids as his supporters, but once again, Shahid felt that it wouldn't work out. Now he is going to be a struggling dancer instead.
But we can feel for Shahid Kapoor, Bollywood is getting ever more competitive. He has to deal with Neil Nitin Mukesh, John Abraham, and Ranbir Kapoor among others for roles. We hope he's happy with his latest project in "Yahoo!" and look forward to seeing his new "grown-up" look. But let us know what you think about Shahid Kapoor. Would you rather, he stick with his boyish image as long as he can or go for a manlier role? Drop your comments below.

Pictures: Soha Ali Khan at 'Film 99' Party

Soha Ali Khan among others showed up at the Priya Chintan store where paintings were shown. What makes the paintings so special? They were based on the film Soha stars in, "Film 99." For the film, Soha Ali Khan plays Pooja, a lobby manager of a hotel floor. Two conmen come into her life, played by Kunal Khemu (from the film 'Traffic Signal') and Cyrus Broacha (Stand-up comedian) and she follows them in search of some excitement. Also at the party was Cyrus Broacha, Kunal Khemu, designer Priya Chintan, and Boman Irani among others. Check out some pics from the event and let us know what you think.

Soha Ali KhanAdd Image

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu

Boman Irani and Cyrus Broacha

Designer Priya and Chintan

Prachi Desai Doesn't Mind Kissing Ranbir Kapoor

After starting her film career in 'Rock On' with Farhan Akhtar, 20-year-old actress Prachi Desai claimed that she's never been kissed before on screen. She said that if she were to get a smooch from somebody, it would be from actor Ranbir Kapoor.
Why did she choose Ranbir? Well, Prachi admits to having a 'big crush' on the handsome actor.
Prachi, who is shooting for 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai' with Emraan Hashmi, said that she will not kiss the 'serial kisser' in the film, instead she will try to get the script changed if the movie demands her to kiss him. She still has inhibitions in kissing on screen, but if the man is Ranbir Kapoor she would "definitely think about it".

Sarcastically, the love-struck fan of Ranbir hasn't met him in person yet. So when her friend and mentor Ekta Kapoor told her that she knows Ranbir, Prachi was swift to ask her to organize a meeting with him.

Prachi thinks Ranbir is "too charming" and "good looking" but at the same time she's "not jealous" of his girlfriend actress Deepika Padukone at all. In fact, she thinks Ranbir and Deepika look "hot" together. The young lass has seen Ranbir in 'Saawariya' and 'Bachna Ae Haseeno' and is eagerly waiting for his next film.

It seems Ranbir has a way with girls. First, it was Bipasha Basu who couldn't stop raving about him, and then Katrina Kaif had all the praises for him.
Prachi became famous at the age of 17 when she played Bani in hit daily soap 'Kasamh Se'. She made her debut in Bollywood last year, with the musical hit 'Rock On' where she shared screen with newcomer Farhan Akhtar.
Do you guys think Prachi will get her chance to get a kiss from the Romeo himself Ranbir Kapoor? Send us your comments on this.

Menis on the Set of 'Kool 2 B Asian' Music Video

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UK artist Menis created a stir after entering the urban desi scene in 2005. Delivering quirky lyrics over eccentric beats, lyricist and vocalist, Menis is preparing to unleash his unique style and flair upon the music scene this summer. First up is 'Kool 2 B Asian', an ode to all things Asian. The track will be hitting your airwaves soon, so get ready for the 'Kool 2 B Asian' movement! Featuring a whole host of cameos from some of the UK's finest Asian talent, here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of the video shoot that took place last week. Some urban desi artists came by to support Menis in the shooting of his new video. Check out the photos below and see if you recognize these famous artists.
Rishi Rich
Rishi Rich came by to support Menis and seems to be helping him rehearse his platform for the music video.

Famous UK singer Zeekay also stopped by at the sets of Menis' music video.

Terry Mardi, AG Dolla, Mr. Kay, and Swami Baracus
Urban desi artists AG Dolla, Mr. Kay, Swami Baracus, our Urban Desi guy Terry Mardi showed up to give a huge support for Menis' music video.

Kazz and Harry Sona
Kazz Kumar and Harry Sona of the famous Sona Family came by to the sets and started fooling around behind the cameras.

Are You Ready for More Harold and Kumar?

By: Radhika Jit
Well, even if you may or may not be ready for more of our favorite stoner duo, Harold and Kumar, looks like we're about to get another dose of bongs, pot brownies and crazy cases of the munchies! 'A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas' was announced by Warner Bros today and will hit theatres on November 5, 2010 with creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg continuing the franchise.
However with one of its stars, Kal Penn, taking a post in the Barack Obama administration people pretty much got the hint that Kal would never pick up a bong again. Plus, Kal was quoted as saying he would be putting acting on the back burner for the time being while he's in the administration. So what does Warner Bros have to say about whether or not Kal will be in the film? Well, pretty much nothing. All that was announced was the title of the film and the release date, they didn't even mention the film's storyline or its stars.
Well, if you ask us, it's pretty hard to imagine anyone else playing the lovable, laidback Kumar and the high strung Harold who is played by John Cho. However, with Kal's new job as the White House Office of Public Liason, we just might have no choice, because with or without Kal Penn and John Cho, 'A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas' will be on a big screen next November.
So what do you guys think about a third Harold and Kumar movie? What do you think about the possibility of having a different set of actors in the roles? Do you think there's another pair of actors that could replace Kal and John? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!

Notorious Jatt is Back With 'Khanda'

After a short hiatus, Notorious Jatt is back with his new album, "Still Living It Up," a follow up to his last album "Living It Up" from 2006. For his first track, Notorious Jatt will be releasing "Khanda." This will be the first time that he has collaborated with singer Nirmal Sidhu for the track. The full single will be released on May 22nd 2009 with the video being shot in Punjab with HD cameras.The full album won't be out until the summer. The album features superstar vocalists, Preet Mahadipuria, Ranjit Mani, Kaka Bhainiawala, Amirta Deepak, and Jaswinder Daghamia to name a few on the new album. Notorious Jatt started off his musical career as a hiphop DJ but eventually found his way back to Bhangra. Throughout his music you can still find hiphop influences. Let us know what you think about the return of Notorious Jatt and if you plan on picking up his latest album? Let us know your thoughts below.

Amitabh Bachchan turns Journalist in 'Rann'

Is Amitabh Bachchan leaving acting behind to become a journalist? Well, not really, but he is playing the head of a 24 hour news channel in Ram Gopal Varma's upcoming film, 'Rann,' which is about the Indian media and how it is manipulated. Interestingly, while Amitabh was promoting the film in New Dehli he said if he weren't an actor he'd like to be a journalist.
"I would like to be a journalist. In fact my interviews that I had given in the 1970s, I mentioned during most of them that I want to become a journalist in my next life," Amitabh was quoted as saying while he promoted 'Rann' with Ram Gopal Varma recently. Pretty interesting considering Amitabh has always been quick to criticize journalists and the media as a whole. He also said he felt that a journalist's job is a tough one.
"I say this because I feel that it is a very difficult task since sometimes your conscience doesn't match with reality and that's where you want to go home and tear yourself apart and take a decision," says Bachchan.
Hmm... now wouldn't it be interesting to see Amitabh Bachchan on the opposite side of the hundreds of interviews he's done over the years? We wonder, after being a journalist would he still berate the media in the manner that he has in the past? One thing is for sure, we can bet he'd definitely be one tough interviewer! Can you imagine having the Big B staring you down after asking you a tough personal question?
But back to the film, however, besides Amitabh, 'Rann,' also stars, Paresh Rawal and Ritesh Deshmukh. So what do you guys think about Amitabh Bachchan wanting to be a journalist? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!