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Katrina Kaif Disses Salman Khan

April 13 2009 02:15 PST
With Katrina Kaif not commenting on her personal life and Salman Khan keeping mum on the subject as well, we are left to simply speculate on the nature of their relationship. It seems as though one minute they're a couple and the next they're breaking up. Well if you take into account Katrina's latest comments it seems as though the two are either on the outs or no longer an item.
In a recent interview Katrina gave props to Shahrukh Khan, someone whom Salman is not on speaking terms with. She said, "Salman is unpredictable, while Shahrukh is intelligent and Akshay is a blast." She also said, "Salman always does hins that he feels right and only he knows why he feels that particular thing is right... you can't track his mood. As for me, I really don't get into those things nor spend too much time trying to understand him because the entire process is too lengthy and complicated."
Hmm... from the sound of it, it seems like Katrina was letting out some pent up steam. She's always been adamant about keeping her love life out of the public, never really admitting to having a relationship with Salman, so this quote is a bit surprising.
What do you guys think about Katrina's quote and do you think she's still with Salman Khan? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!

New Miss India - Ekta Choudhary Sets Sights on Miss Universe

April 11 2009 12:50 PST

She's just claimed the title of Miss India after winning the crown at the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Universe contest and now Ekta Choudhary has her sights set on the Miss Universe crown. The 22 - year old girl from Dehli is elated over her win last Sunday night.
Apparently Ekta had dreams of doing so at a very young age. It started in 1994 when a then 7 year old Ekta watched Sushmita Sen win the Miss Universe crown and it was that which sparked her interest in modeling and pageants. The beauty has been modeling for the past two years to get her foot into the industry.Now that she's achieved the goal that she set for herself at such a young age, Ekta is now aiming even higher.
"Now I want to win the Miss Universe title as I have raised a lot of expectations both for my family and my country. I just want to make everyone happy by bringing the crown back home. So preparations for that will start very soon," said Ekta to an Indian news agency.
Even though she's now focusing on the Miss Universe pageant she is still reveling in her win last Sunday. "I always believed in myself. I feel that my honesty played a pivotal role in my victory because I always speak my mind and what I believe in,' she said.
Looks like her goals and beliefs paid off big time! So we want to know what you guys think of Ekta. Do you think she was what it takes to become the next Miss Universe? Do you think she'll be the girl to bring the crown back to India after so long? Drop us a comment with your thoughts on the matter!

Akshay Kumar's '8x10 Tasveer' Bombs at Box Office

Akshay Kumar's '8x10 Tasveer' Bombs at Box Office
April 11 2009 16:05 PST
Akshay Kumar has established himself as one of Bollywood's hottest and most bankable actors of late. His films, like 'Singh is Kinng' have set records and have given other box office kings - Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan, a run for their money. So it comes as a pretty big surprise that Akshay's latest film, '8x10 Tasveer' has marked his third flop in a row, after the animated, 'Jumbo,' and 'Chandni Chowk to China.' Unlike the previous films we just mentioned '8x10 Tasveer' was a major dissapiontment from the beginning.
According to reports the film's start was as low as 25% - 35% at multiplexes and even lower at single screen theatres in India. Which if you follow percentages at the box office is painfully low for a star such as Akshay Kumar. Something else interesting to note is the fact that the film was kept under wraps until the day of its release, meaning that there were no screenings held - not even for the cast and crew. Producers sited wanting to keep the climax of the film a secret until people actually saw the film, as it was touted as a suspense thriller.
The finale was supposed to be the jewel of the film, however many critics are saying that's just not the case. '8x10's' disasterous fate is being blamed on the writing and the story going way off track in the second hour, with some saying the latter half is almost unbearable to watch. Many are unanamous in claims that the director Nagesh Kuknoor just did not know how to end the film.
So thus is the fate of '8x10 Tasveer' with business being so bad that it's probably going to be imposible to recover the cost of the film. With all that said does this mean Akshay's star power is dropping? After delivering hit after hit, he's hit a pattern of flops. With his next film, 'Kambakht Ishq' hitting theatres this summer we'll just have to wait and see if Akshay will continue his string of flops or finally break the cycle.