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Katrina Kaif Gets Tattooed

April 09 2009 17:15 PST

It’s been a pretty hot trend in Bollywood for stars to get inked. There’s Deepika Padukone’s RK tattoo on the back of her neck, Akshay Kumar’s tattoo of his son’s name, and many more. So who’s the latest person to get inked? Well turns out it’s the pretty Katrina Kaif! Wait, what? Who would have thought, Katrina Kaif would get a tattoo?! Turns out she was recently spotted with a tattoo on her chest and another on her arm at Rajkumar Santoshi’s wrap up party for the film, ‘Ajan Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.’

Now before you get your knickers in a twist, it turns out the tattoos are not permanent. The lovely lady was inked for a photo shoot she did on Sunday and chose not to remove the tattoos before heading over to the party, thus creating buzz, rumors and speculation. Ahh… the life of a Bollywood star!

The party was held on Sunday night at producer Ramesh Taurani’s home and all crew members attended, including Katrina Kaif’s co-star in the film, Ranbir Kapoor. A little spy tells us that Katrina was in a great mood and was laughing and talking the whole time with Ranbir. Hmm… sounds like another round of rumors is about to crop up! With Katrina Kaif rumored to have split with boyfriend Salman Khan, and talk of Ranbir Kapoor getting back together with ex-girlfriend Sonam Kapoor even though he’s dating Deepika Padukone, a rumor of Katrina and Ranbir hooking up may very well make the rounds. Phew! If you ask us, it’s just a whole lot of relationship drama!

Now what we want to know is what you think of Katrina’s temporary tattoos. How would you feel if she really did get a tattoo? And if she did what do you think it would be of? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!

katrina kaif's tattoo



Smell Like Your Favorite Artist

April 09 2009 20:50 PST

By Alex Gonzalez

Let's paint a picture here. You turn on your TV and you watch your favorite artist perform. As you watch them hit the high notes or hear them rap the hottest verses, only one thing is going through your mind. That thought is, "Wow, these guys are so cool. I wish I could smell like them." If you hear the record stopping in your head too, you're not alone. Otherwise, consider yourself odd.

Rap mogul Jay-Z is now coming out with a new line of fragrances. Now, he has his own successful cologne, "Rocawear 99," but he will bring out scents that smell like artists such as Kanye West and Rihanna as well as an artist yet to be determined. Now, I don't have the slightest clue as to why this is even being done, but they must keep the "I must smell like my favorite artist" demographic happy.

This is all just weird. When you go to a restaurant, do you ask the waiter to surprise you with a random meal? When you buy tickets to a sporting event, would it be nice if you specified which one you want to attend and where? It's odd enough that one would buy a fragrance because it smells like a certain person, but who's to say that person actually smells well? When you buy Kanye West's fragrance, how do you know you're not getting the fragrance of Kanye West fresh off of a blistering concert set? Not for nothing, but he's probably not smelling April fresh there. I don't know about you, but I'd probably opt to buy cologne where I know what I'm getting. Before I even think about purchasing this, a sample must be in order. Hey Jay-Z, how about sending us a sample?

Crazy enough, this is not the first time that this has been done. Parlux, the parent company of this experiment, has released fragrances of singer Jessica Simpson, tennis star Andy Roddick, and celeb star Paris Hilton. If you can't be a celebrity, smell like one I guess. Now for those that are thinking "This will never work," stocks of Parlux on Wall Street went up 75 percent. I guess this is why Jay-Z is one of the smartest businessmen in entertainment today.

There's no word yet on when these fragrances will be released but we'll sure to keep our eyes open and noses ready to smell a lot of people who smell like Rihanna and Kanye. Will you be one of the people who line up to buy these fragrances? Do you find this to be as weird as I do? Post a comment with your thoughts on celebrity fragranced perfume and cologne.

graphic of celebrity perfumes



Black Eyed Peas Discuss New Music Video

April 09 2009 18:25 PST

Boom Boom Pow! The Black Eyed Peas are back! No, "Boom Boom Pow" isn't some cliché off the top of my head, but rather, it is the title of their first single from their new album, "The E.N.D." Now we posted here what the significance of the album title was. Now, The Black Eyed Peas are working on the music video to "Boom Boom Pow" and are talking about what is behind their new funky fresh approach.

"It's not your typical first single," Fergie said. "It's basically kind of to the left. The song is to the left, and it works, 'cause we're being true to ourselves."

The Black Eyed Peas though have always been a group "kind of to the left." Before Fergie even joined the group in 2003, Will.I.Am.,, and Taboo were not exactly the typical rap group. Once Fergie hopped on board, their quirky-yet-trendy style caught on with the masses and resulted in massive album sales and popularity. Fergie is hoping this new video translates to everyone's TV screen.

"The concept of the video is the Peas' birth into the digital afterlife," Fergie said. "So the transformation is us going into a sort of birth or cocoon and coming out the other end as forms of energy. It's a parallel to the music industry. Now everything is downloaded."

People still buy the Black Eyed Peas' stuff though. Their last album, "Monkey Business" went on to sell over 11 million albums worldwide.

Will.I.Am. said the video was inspired by how digital the world has become and hopes the video portrays "what it would be like if we were actually in the computer, if art was fused in it," he said. "[It's] analog life from a digital perspective becoming technology."

The Black Eyed Peas always come out with some cool looking videos. From "Where Is the Love?" and "My Humps" to "Don't Phunk With My Heart" and "Let's Get It Started," not to mention Fergie's collection of videos, BEP always brings something new and innovative to the screen. No word yet on who is actually going to be directing this video, but expectations are sure to be high with the result.

If you guys have heard the single, do you like it? Do you think Desi fans all over will be amped to see the return of the Black Eyed Peas? Are you excited for the video? Let us know what you're thinking below.



Is Priyanka Chopra Pregnant?

April 09 2009 11:45 PST

With six film releases last year, it's safe to say Priyanka Chopra is one of the hardest working women in Bollywood today. Even more recently she's been taking on a full load and has been under a lot of pressure. Well recently while shooting for the film, "What's Your Raashi" Priyanka fainted. Many assumed that her hard work had finally taking a toll on her health. However, others had different speculations. Could Priyanka Chopra be pregnant??

So here is what happened. She collapsed and went unconscious for a few moments... Sounds like pretty scary stuff! Everyone on the sets including director Ashutosh Gowarikar was worried about the actress and a doctor was quickly called to the sets. Priyanka's mom (who also happens to be a doctor) also rushed to her daughter's side. She was naturally as any mother would be, worried about her daughter's health.

Well, turns out Priyanka Chopra was back on her feet sooner then you'd think. The 'Desi Girl' was all ready to go in front of the camera again even though Ashutosh Gowarikar suggested packing up for the day. But Priyanka being the workaholic and professional that she is, completed the shoot and only after she did so she left for the hospital to get checked out. So what caused her to faint?

Turns out Priyanka fainted due to exhaustion and low blood pressure. So Miss Chopra is not pregnant! Thank god! But damn girl, we know you're dedicated to your craft, but you have to take care of yourself too! We wouldn't want something worse to happen to Priyanka now would we? Now you'd think after that she would rest right? Wrong! The very next day Priyanka Chopra was all smiles as she performed a hot dance number at the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Finale. Now that's what we call a person who's dedicated to their craft! Wait to go Priyanka!

the lucky seven



Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan Set to Battle Again

April 08 2009 17:00 PST

The friendship of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, and lack of it, has been well documented and much talked about. Their first spat was over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shahrukh's film, 'Chalte Chalte' and the most recent one took place at Katrina Kaif's birthday party. The two are still no longer on speaking terms, however on July 3rd they are all set to battle again, except this time it will take place, not at a party, but on a movie set.

Salman Khan's 'Wanted: Dead and Alive' and director Viveck Vaswani wants to release Shahrukh Khan's next 'Dulha Mil Gaya' on the same day! While it seems like a weird coincidence, over course rumor mills are on overdrive with some saying Salman Khan wants their films to release on the same day so he can beat out Shahrukh's film at the box office, which would earn him bragging rights. According to some, Salman is not happy with Shahrukh Khan claiming he's number one in Bollywood and Salman Khan wants to prove him wrong. Apparently Salman also believes that his film will definitely beat out Shahrukh Khan's film in which the actor only has a brief role as opposed to Salman's full-fledged role.

Alright so if you think that this battle is a little unfair, there might be another one happening later this year when Salman's epic 'Veer' releases around the same time as Shahrukh's much talked about 'My Name is Khan.' Hmm... sounds like things are going to get very interesting - that is unless the two kiss and make up!

Which movie do you think will do better, 'Wanted: Dead and Alive' or 'Dulha Mil Gaya'? Do you think Salman Khan has what it takes to beat Shahrukh Khan at the box office, despite that Shahrukh Khan has been ruling the box office in the past? Tell us your opinion about this forthcoming battle between these two great actors of Bollywood.




Jaz Dhami Works with Jazz Virk on Upcoming Single

April 08 2009 15:50 PST

The young, sexy U.K. sensation and winner of the U.K. Asian Music Award; Jaz Dhami is hard at work on his next video. He's been busy with his brand new single 'Theke Wali' for which he's also releasing a music video. Just because he won the Best Newcomer award at the U.K. AMA's, doesn't mean that Jaz Dhami can take a break. He is currently finishing up work on his debut album which will hopefully be out this summer.

To raise the bar a few notches, award winning video director Jazz Virk flew into the U.K. to shoot the music video for Jaz Dhami's 'Theke Wali'. His directing of Jazzy B's 'Rambo' snagged him the Best Video award at the U.K. AMA's as well as the PTC Punjabi Music Awards. There's no doubt that working with Jazz Virk is going to give Jaz Dhami the cutting edge.

Jazz Virk had a lot to say about his collaboration with Jaz Dhami. "The video I made for Jaz Dhami has brought me back to Birmingham. I was raised here and I created my craftsmanship in Canada. This is my first time to ever produce a video in Birmingham or the Midlands and I am proud to be back. 'Theke Wali' is a fantastic video and it is very clear that Jaz Dhami is an extremely talented young man. He is an inspiration to work with and his immense passion for music is shown through his emphatic work rate. It is great to see young, fresh, talent bringing something exciting to the Asian Music scene".

The praise that Jazz Virk gave of his friend and collaborator just can't be ignored. 'Theke Wali' is a highly anticipated track that is sure to draw every music lover's attention.

We want to know what you think about Jaz Dhami choosing Jazz Virk to work on his music video. Give us your thoughts and tell us what you expect from Jaz Dhami's single and album release.

Jaz Dhami on his upcoming music video (image 1)

Jaz Dhami on his upcoming music video (image 3)

Jaz Dhami on his upcoming music video (image 2)



Shilpa Shetty's Rajasthan Royals Gain Official Sponsor

April 08 2009 10:10 PST

By: Mufsin Mahbub

UltraTech Cement Limited, the single largest cement brand in the country humbly announced its alliance with the defending champions of Indian Premier League 2008, the Rajasthan Royals. Through this involvement, UltraTech will be the Official Team Sponsor of the Jaipur based IPL Team.

Shilpa Shetty and boyfriend Raj Kundra were present at the event that announced Ultratech Cement Limited as a major contributor to the Rajasthan Royals. Due to their busy schedule, Shilpa Shetty Raj Kundra, co-owners of the Rajasthan Royals will not be present at the IPL opening on April 18. Encouraged leadership, originality, professionalism and a well thought out strategic advance lead the team to win India's first IPL. By essential roles explicitly and delegating task, the Rajasthan Royals came together as a unified entity, finally rising as champions. This nation completely blends with UltraTech cement who is known to be leaders and champions in its own field.

Ever since February, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and boyfriend Raj Kundra who is a London-based businessman announced that they had bought a 12 percent wager in the Indian Premier League team, the Rajasthan Royals.

'The team's success story last year was an inspiration for me. That's why I am investing in this team,' Kundra said at a press conference that month. The couple had invested $15.4 million in the team. Shilpa called it a strategic business investment and said: 'I completely relate to Rajasthan Royals. My story is similar to the team's journey to the top. It is an honor to be a part of Rajasthan Royals.' Ever since then, the couple had become proud owners of this winning team.

Shilpa's heartening words and support charged up the ambience and certainty of the players.

Shilpa said, "Rajasthan Royals is a heady mix of youth, experience and emerging talent and the same even holds true for UltraTech. Through this association we will be cementing our relationship, a definite 'Best Choice' for us!"

Their quest to bring another victory will start April 18 during opening day. Let's wish them some good luck to this fine team.

Do you guys think that the Rajasthan Royals will bring another victory just like last year? Give us your insights on this great team!

Rajasthan Royals wins 2008