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Bollywood Stars Skip Out on the IIFA

With all the buzz about the 10th Annual International Indian Film Academy Awards you would think that the best of B-town would be in attendance, but it looks like the event organizers have to deal with a bunch of no-shows. So who's not coming ? Shahrukh Khan was first in line to "call out" and it seems like many actors are following suit. Farah Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Akshay Kumar have also declined the invitation. Yikes! So what are their excuses?

Someone close to Akshay Kumar was quoted as saying that "a family vacation was planned well in advance to coincide with Akshay's son Aarav's school holidays. Akshay doesn't like leaving Aarav behind when he is out of the country. At the same time he doesn't want his son to miss school. So the annual holiday was planned well in advance. No power on earth, not even IIFA, is going to persuade Akshay to take even a small break from the holiday, let alone break his little boy's heart." Well although that sounds like a good enough reason it didn't stop event planners from trying to get Akki to the awards.

They reportedly offered to fly Akshay Kumar in and when he declined, they offered to let his entire family attend as well. Unfortunately for them he still said no.

Shahid Kapoor has had to change his plans of attending because his schedule has just gotten filled thanks to all the releases that he's got coming out this year. He said that "I was looking forward to performing at IIFA and showcasing 'Kaminey', however my commitment to my producer has to be honored and I regret being unable to attend this year."

Kareena Kapoor and Farah Khan are also not planning on showing up. Oh man, will the show still meet everyone's high expectations for it? Well at least we know that the Big B will be present ! Also the event is supposed to still have some great performances. Let us know you thoughts below.

Avitej-Thiru-Vainavi-Parvathi Film - On The Sets

A bilingual film in Telugu and Tamil is being made under Arunai Pictures banner with BR Varma as director and EV Kumaran as producer. Introducing Avitej, Tiru, Vainavi and Parvathy in lead roles, the unit is currently progressing its shooting in Hyderabad. Comedian Sunil is doing a role in Telugu version and he is currently shooting his part along with the lead actors.

The director informed the media that the title for the film in Tamil is considered as ‘Ilamai Idho Idho…’ and search is still going on for the apt title in Telugu. The shooting would continue for another four days for which the climax scenes would be shot during the time. The film is planned to release on July 10th, says the director.

Sunil spoke to the media and said that he is performing the role called Manmadha Raja and the same role is being performed by noted comedian Vivek in Tamil. The characterization of Manmadha Raja is such that he gets irritated when he sees the lovers. Therefore he always opts to separate them wherever he sees the lovers.

Other actors in Telugu version are Benerjee, Sudhakar, Murthy and Suri. Dialogues are penned by Swarna Sudhakar; editing by VT Vijayan; lyrics are written by Bhuvana Chandra and music by Vidya Sagar.

Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets Parvathi-Vainavi on The Sets

Katrina Kaif - 'I'm Not sexy'

Who wouldn't want to be known as being sexy? Well it seems like Katrina Kaif doesn't. What?! Sources say Miss Kaif thinks that her beauty sometimes overshadows her talent and she wants people to know that she is more than just a pretty face.

So Katrina Kaif disdains her recent title as the "sexiest Asian woman alive". Although Katrina appreciates the title that was given to her by a poll done by a UK Asian magazine, she wants to prove her substance in Bollywood by taking on more dramatic and riveting roles that do not highlight her beauty. The star was shocked to learn that she is the most searched Bollywood actress on Google. A source tells us that Katrina can’t understand how her beauty alone has made her an iconic star.

Well Kat has a lot to prove. Kaif hasn't been able to showcase her skills in her previous flicks so hopefully we will be able to see if she can prove to be a great actress in her upcoming movie "New York".

So will Katrina be able to earn the title of B- town's best actress? You tell us below.

Video of Rouge Back to Work

Here at DesiHits! we have been reporting on the break up and remolding of the all girl trio, Rouge. And now that it seems that newbie Nicola has settled into her new family, we want you to tell us if the chemistry is right. We have videos of the old and new group that you can take a look at and determine if the group is better now, or a sad rendition of its former self. So take a look and let us know if you think Rouge has been resurrected.

In this video is behind the scenes clips of the the group with new girl Nicola. It seems that they are a pretty friendly bunch.

Here they are years ago with former band member Legha. Were they better off?


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Slumdog Millionaire Child Actress Writes Book

Slumdog Millionaire child star, Rubina Ali, is releasing her first memoir on July 16th respectively titled, "Slumgirl Dreaming: My journey to the stars." Rubina catalogs her life on the streets of Mumbai to her film debut in Hollywood and then back again to the slums.

What is interesting about her story is that it is unlike anything we have read about a nine year old before. It brings insight into a world that many people disdain because they cannot relate to it. It is a far cry from the life of a perfect Disney or Nickelodeon child.

And here we have a young child telling chilling tales of things some could possibly not fathom. It’s a really deep journey of a young girl who must face daily challenges; challenges that her survival depends on. This is certainly quite the contrast from the girl we see walking down the red carpet in pretty dresses with a smile that could light the world on fire.

In addition, another B-town baby tries her hand at writing. Shahrukh Khan's daughter, Suhana, is slated to release a fictional, four chapter children’s book in the near future. A source reveals, “The novella she's written tells the story of a girl with six feet long eyelashes. When SRK asked her how it was possible for a girl to have such long lashes, she quickly replied back saying that the lashes were not real but just extensions." We can all see that young Suhana certainly gets her creativity from her talented dad.

It looks like there is a bright future in the works for these two young girls, capitalizing on fame at a very young age.Tell us what you think about these child authors and their recent endeavors. Leave your comments below.

Priyanka happy with RGV, looking for good scripts from other directors

Hot and sexy Priyanka Kotari was introduced by Ram Gopal Varma as Nisha Kotari in a Hindi film called ‘James’. She worked with him in few films and later decided to come out of RVG’s factory, therefore she changed her name as Priyanka is what people are thinking. But then she is now working in RGV’s latest ‘Agyaat’ co-starring Tollywood hero Nitin. She conveyed her message to the media by saying that she never had any intentions not to work with RGV but looking for good scripts from outside directors too. She said that she is playing an unusual role in ‘Agyaat’ and that she is very much satisfied with her work. Presently Priyanka is concentrating to shed her weight and also doing Yoga to get a peaceful mind.

Face-off Causes Trouble for 'Kal Kissne Dekha'

As if there wasn’t enough turbulence in Bollywood as of late, it seems as if Vivek Sharma’s film, Kal Kissne Dekha, will be further postponed for public release. This film was supposed to be the major on screen debut for the producer Vashu Bhagnani’s son, Jackky. However, the film is finding its way into the news for other reasons.

Apparently, Vashu Bhagnani bought the rights to his son, Jackky's film and plans to release it without showing Vivek Sharma, the director, the final cuts and edits. If the film does release before Sharma views it, he will be prepared to bring Bhagnani to court at any cost.

“I have made the film and they have not shown me the film and are now releasing it. Besides there are some payment s due. A couple of my writers have not been paid yet. He has fought with Anupam Kher, Khalid, Satish Kaushik, and all these directors don’t hold Mr. Bhagnani in good light,” said Sharma about Vishu Bhagnani.

Ironically, Vashu has taken such great lengths to make sure no troubles arise for his son’s Bollywood debut. Sources say, “Mr. Vashu Bhagnani is not leaving any stone unturned and is seriously dedicated to give his son a big launch. " Vashu has been going all out to promote this film for his sons big day in B-town. Vashu invested his own money to insure everything would go perfectly for his son. I guess things aren’t working out as planned.

It seems as if Jackky’s starring role has been put on the back burner as the film may end up in the court room rather than the cutting room. So far there has been no comment to the press from Vashu.

Well, I guess we are going to have to wait and see if this face-off will cause trouble for the June 12th release. Many anticipated to watch this film which is about a boy's journey to manhood, so hopefully things will work out. But for now, let us know what you think of the scandal, leave your comments below.

movie poster for kal kissne dekha



I want to do films with variety concepts - Rajasekhar

Dr Rajasekhar for the first time in his film career is portraying the role of a lawyer. In his latest film ‘Na Style Veru’ he will be seen as Lawyer Sivaram. This movie co-starring Bhumika is releasing on June 12. On this occasion he spoke to the media and briefed about ‘Na Style Veru’.

“I found it to be different and new when I heard the title ‘Na Style Veru’. But I was little hesitant about the title as I felt it may not be apt to the story. But I changed my opinion after the film’s unit members and my close associates said that the title was good. This is a film with unique storyline. My character in this film is such that I do not like my profession but start my practice due to Bhumika who brings that change in me. To know what change she has brought in me you must watch the film. The role I played in this film was played in Mohan Lal in the Malayalam version ‘Hello’. I’ve tried a film with variety concept and hope to do more films with different concepts provided the audience encourage me” opined Rajasekhar.

Speaking further he added, “A special car has been designed for this film by producer Maganti Gopinath. A contest will be held after the release of the film and this variety car will be presented to the winner.”

“I’ve learnt my lessons through my previous film ‘Satyameva Jayate’. I henceforth decided to be careful especially in selecting the heroines and also the stories. I will announce my future projects shortly”, he concluded.

New Artist Aron B's 'I Just Wanna' Video

Aron B wearing a black blazer in front of a dark background.Desi Hits! gave you a teaser from Aron B's debut single 'I Just Wanna'. Now we are proud to present to you Aron B's video from this track.

Born out of the Desi U.K. scene, Aron B is ready to debut his single 'I Just Wanna' this month. He has been hard at work trying to refine his Hip-Hop and R&B influenced Desi sound working with a percussionist named Chan HAS.

Aron B says of his music "It's been a long time coming, and 'I Just Wanna' is the start of something big. Although I'm only 20 I've been building up the skills to make sure that I have the power to make real music. I want people to know that both Chan and I are trained musicians that aren't just doing this for a laugh. We've been to Performing Arts and Music College to make sure we have solid foundations to build on."

While Chan HAS added that "It's great working with someone who is so in tune with your thoughts and music. It's been a fantastic journey from college to where we are now and we've had fun doing it, but this experience has just made me more convinced that 'I Just Wanna' keep making more music !

The first track to be released off of Aron B's album is 'I Just Wanna' and hopefully it'll be the right step for the artist to get the word out about his music. We have a video for his single and we want to know what you think. Do you think that Aron B is offering something different than other Urban Desi artists? Let us know what you thought.