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Chris Brown to Plead 'Not Guilty' To Two Felony Charges

Ever since word got out about the Chris Brown and Rihanna abuse incident; people have been talking. First the pictures were released by just about every celebrity magazine that could get their hands on them of the injured Rihanna. Then of course there was the outrage over the fact that Rihanna decided to go back to her abusive beau. And now what's the verdict? Well it seems that there might not be a pleasant one if Chris Brown gets his way. The woman beater has decided to plead 'not guilty' to two felony charges when he appears in court on Monday the 6th.

Yeah, it's pretty unbelievable, but unfortunately it's true. Chris Brown is scheduled for arraignment for the alleged beating of his then girlfriend Rihanna. Sources who are close to Chris Brown are now saying that although he wants to "resolve" the situation he doesn't plan to plead guilty. Chris Brown will be in court on Monday for two felonies which include assault and making criminal threats.

So now the very public drama that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been going through has taken a surprising turn. Sure the crime is still considered "alleged", but it seems pretty obvious from pictures and family members who say it actually happened that we're pretty close to the truth. So what makes Chris Brown think that he can just get away from what he's done? The couple who got back together, to the surprise of, well just about everyone, now seem to be taking a break from one another.

We want to know what our readers think about Chris Brown pleading not guilty? Do you think that because he's a celebrity that he could actually get away with this? Or do you think that he doesn't stand a chance for what everyone seems to know he did. Give us your thoughts on Chris Brown's plea.

Sarah Hannon's boyfriend was caught cheating on her on a flight back from Banglore to london.

Hard Kaur's HipHop Dance Keeps Her Safe in Third

The last two weeks obviously haven’t been Hard Kaur's best. She's been slipping from the ranks ever since her performances with Savio have become average.This week however, she caught the eyes of the judges as she made a "jugalbandhi" type performance. In other words, since this week's theme was modern meets classical, Hard Kaur stepped up her game with a hip hop dance while her partner Savio did a bhangra-style number.

The judges gave her good remarks on the performance. Actress Juhi Chawla spoke in Punjabi to Hard Kaur and told her that she loved the performance, giving her a nine. Vaibhavi Merchant was impressed with Hard Kaur’s hip hop moves and Savio’s bhangra dance. She commented pointing out "The way you move, you were hot." On that note, she gave her an astounding ten. Saroj Khan, who gave her a nine; said with no surprise that Hard Kaur was the best she's seen in the competition.

After the judges made their comments; Hard Kaur received a 28. This was great because she's been giving average performances that didn't put her in the lead. Even though she ended up in third, Hard Kaur still stood on; proud of what she got from the judges. Ram Kapoor, who was eliminated this week despite having a lot of fans; gave Hard Kaur some sweets backstage for her brilliant performance.

There was an unsuspected surprise when item-girl actress Koena Mitra entered the competition as a wild-card entry. She received a 30 for an outstanding performance for her first try. It looks like we'll be seeing a lot from her this season on 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa'. Now we want to know what our Hard Kaur fans think of her performance. Do you think that Hard Kaur has made a great comeback after belting out mediocre performances for the last two weeks? Will she survive in next week's round? Give us your love for Hard Kaur!

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Model Sarah Hannon Sleeps Through In Flight Sex

Was it the drinks or was it just something in their curry? The gorgeous model Sarah Hannon was on a Kingfisher Airlines Flight with her boyfriend Daniel Melia. After the couple had been drinking, Sarah Hannon fell asleep next to her beau and woke up in a rage.

The couple was flying from Bangalore, India to London when Daniel Melia was caught getting it on with nearby passenger Clare Irby by a Kingfisher employee. The employee started to tell them to stop what they were doing. That's when Sarah Hannon woke up and completely lost it. Rightfully so when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. At 30,000 feet, a large part of the crew had to work to calm her down. Maybe it was the drinks that they had on the Kingfisher flight or maybe it was the curry they ate before they left India that made Sarah Hannon so angry and made Daniel Melia want to get it on.

But that wasn't the end of this cross continental adventure. All three of them: Daniel Melia, Clare Irby, and Sarah Hannon were arrested by armed cops at London's Heathrow airport, when the flight landed. Daniel Melia and Clare Irby were not surprisingly arrested for alleged gross indecency. Meanwhile, Sarah Hannon was held for being drunk on an aircraft. It's lucky for the terrible trio that all three of them were released on bail.

So we wonder if Daniel Melia and Sarah Hannon will end up patching things up despite what happened. And are they ever going to be allowed on a Kingfisher Airlines Flight again? One policeman at least had a sense of humor in the tough situation. He quoted as saying that "They certainly put the bang into Bangalore." Make sure to give us your thoughts, because we want to hear what our readers think about this crazy story.

Sarah Hannon's boyfriend was caught cheating on her on a flight back from Banglore to london.

Michael Jordan Is Finally a Hall of Famer

The greatest player that basketball has ever had is now going to be a Hall of Famer. Michael Jordan, "His Airness" is going to get that day in Springfield, Massachusetts that to us fans is just a formality since we all know how great he is. This is nonetheless great news for not just the greatest basketball player to ever live, but perhaps the greatest player in sports. Jordan, who is now the managing partner of the Charlotte Bobcats, was taken aback at the announcement.

"I don't like being up here for the Hall of Fame because at that time your basketball career is completely over," Jordan said. "I was hoping this day would be 20 more years, or actually go in when I'm dead and gone."

We could go up and down his list of accomplishments, but that would probably another story in its entirety. However, let's highlight the 5 MVP Awards, the 6 NBA Finals MVP trophies, one to go with the 6 titles he won with the Chicago Bulls, 14 All-Star appearances, the Gold Medal he won in Barcelona as part of the Olympic Dream Team, and of course, let's not forget the Jordan brand that turned he and the NBA into perhaps the biggest global sport outside of soccer. You might be wearing a pair of Jordan sneakers right now or a Jordan jersey or a shirt from his popular clothing line. When you think of greatness, think of Michael Jordan.

Other inductees this year will be Utah Jazz great point guard John Stockton, San Antonio Spurs center David Robinson, Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan, and in the college ranks, Rutgers women's basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer. The induction ceremony will officially take place during the weekend of September 10-12. While they have all been legendary at what they have done, even they pale in comparison to Michael Jordan.

The NBA is absolutely trying to make strides in developing the game in India in its quest to become the preeminent global sport. While they've made much progress in Europe and the Far East due to stars such as Tony Parker, Dirk Nowitzki, and Yao Ming. They recently just completed their first basketball court refurbishment in Mumbai through the world famous NBA Cares program.

"Social responsibility is core to the NBA's mission and is a key pillar in the League's development in India," said Heidi Ueberroth, the NBA's president of global marketing partnerships.

While India may be cricket-crazy, there is a want for more basketball in their sports scene. There is yet to be an Indian player in the NBA. For most Indians, all they know about basketball is the man that will be inducted this September in Michael Jordan. India Basketball Federation secretary general Harish Sharma believes the sport will grow exponentially in India in due time.

"There is a great appetite for basketball across India and specifically in the Nagpada neighborhood," Harish Sharma said. "Partnering with the NBA to develop more places for children to play basketball is a critical component in the growth of the sport."

Congratulations, Michael Jordan. Like everything else you have accomplished in your glorious career, you have earned this.

What do you guys think about Michael Jordan elected to the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame? Do you think the ceremony should just be about him? Do you think Michael Jordan is the greatest player sports has ever seen? Let us know what you think below.

Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls

Winners of Pantaloons Femina Miss India: Do they Deserve their Titles?

The oh so sexy contestants of Pantaloons Femina Miss India graced the Andheri Sports Complex with their beauty and brains last night. The girls articulately answered questions by the judges and walked gracefully down the ramp showing off their model figures and long elegant gowns. Indians all over the world watched the stunning women compete in front of a star-studded audience. Deepika Padukone, Ajay Devgan, Sushmita Sen, Madhur Bhandakar, Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra are just a few of the many celebs that showed up to take part in the grand event!

Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sushmita Sen are celebrities who have brought pride to India by winning the past pageants. On that note the contestants were under a lot of pressure to prove that they were worthy enough to represent India in the pageants the winners would go to.

So who are the winners? 23 year old Pooja Chopra won the crown for Pataloons Femina Miss India World. Chopra is an established model who even made an appearance in Madhur Bhandarkars film,' Fashion'. In the film Pooja wore clothing designed by famous fashion designer, Priyanka Rajiv. She has also been in several commercials in India.

The Miss India Universe title was earned by the very young Ekta Chowdhury. The 22 year old Delhite captivated the audience with her confidence and intelligence. Lastly Miss India Earth 2009 is Shriya Kishore. A 22 year old from Mumbai.

Check out their stats below and let us know if you think they deserve to be the winners.

Pantaloons Femina Miss India.



Tommy Hilfiger Launches Limited Edition Glasses

Tommy Hilfiger defines American Fashion and each season people can't wait to see what he'll come up with. Sporting an all American girl look, Soha Ali Khan made an appearance at Tommy Hilfiger's flagship store in Bangalore. This wasn't just any launch for Tommy Hilfiger. The hip launch party was for a pair of limited edition glasses. And who were these glasses specially made for? Well they're known as the ‘Limited Edition Sunglasses Inspired by Soha Ali Khan’.

Soha Ali Khan is no doubt a beautiful Indian actress. She showed off her sexiness at the launch party last evening. No doubt Tommy Hilfiger was proud that he chose the actress as an inspiration and a model for the hot new shades.

The glasses have a retro, but classic feel to them. The sunglasses were hip with a large frame and this time; transparent yellow lenses.Soha Ali Khan was the perfect choice for the hot glasses as she leaned and posed for the cameras. The actress was accompanied through the store by Mr.Shailesh Chaturvedi; the CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Apparel, India.

Soha Ali Khan was ever gracious and said that "
a good pair of sunglasses is a must have for every wardrobe and quite representative of one's character". She went on to say that Tommy Hilfiger is a favorite brand of hers and was very thankful to be chosen as inspiration for the limited edition glasses. She continued by saying that "the sunglasses are quite like my personality--casual with a little hint of that classic element".

So we want to know what you think about these limited edition Tommy Hilfiger glasses. Do you think they're hot or do you think the style has been done before? Also do you think that Soha Ali Khan was a good choice for inspiration? Or can you think of a few better actresses that could've been in the hot seat? Give us your thoughts on the shades and the babe.

Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan 4

Soha Ali Khan 3

Soha Ali Khan 2