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'Final Destination' retains lead at box office (Reuters)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Reigning champ "The Final Destination" fended off a challenge from Sandra Bullock's latest romantic comedy to lead the U.S. Labor Day holiday box office in North America for a second weekend, according to studio estimates issued on Sunday.

"The Final Destination," the fourth movie in a horror franchise about disastrous occurrences, earned $12.4 million during the three days beginning Friday. The 10-day haul for the Warner Bros release rose to $47.6 million, buoyed by premium pricing for 3D screenings.
Warner Bros is a unit of Time Warner Inc.

"All About Steve," a critical bomb starring Bullock as a lovelorn crossword-puzzle expert, followed with $11.2 million, the best performance among three weak newcomers.
That marked a considerable drop from the $33.6 million launch of her previous hit "The Proposal" in June. "All About Steve" co-star Bradley Cooper did even better that month with the $45 million debut of his summer smash "The Hangover."

But the new picture played in 2,251 theaters, about 900 less than either "The Proposal," "The Final Destination" or "The Hangover." It was also released at a time -- the dying days of summer -- when the studios are clearing out underperformers so they can focus on their awards-season hopefuls.

"We're thrilled with the number," said an official at 20th Century Fox, a unit of News Corp. Bullock also produced the movie, whose audience was about two-thirds female, according to Fox.
"Inglourious Basterds" slipped one place to No. 3 with $10.8 million, taking the three-week tally for Quentin Tarantino's World War Two picture to $91 million. It needs just $17 million more to become his biggest film in North America, a title currently held by his 1994 breakthrough "Pulp Fiction" ($108 million).

The new film's foreign total stands at $83 million, and it already ranks as Tarantino's highest-grossing release in eight markets, including Germany, Russia and Turkey.
"Basterds" was co-financed by the closely held Weinstein Co and General Electric Co's Universal Pictures.

Of the other two new releases, both targeted at male youngsters, "Gamer" opened at No. 4 with $9 million, and "Extract" at No. 10 with just under $4.2 million.

Lionsgate's "Gamer" stars Gerard Butler ("300") as a heroic killer frantically reducing the population count. Miramax Films' "Extract," another workplace satire from "Office Space" director and "Beavis and Butt-head" creator Mike Judge, stars Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis.
Lionsgate is a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. Miramax is a unit of Walt Disney Co.

Asin returns back to Tamil

Kottum Malai charal Uppu virga ponenKatru adikkum velai mavu virka ponenThese are touchy lines in Kamalhasan's Apoorva sagadargal "Unnai nenaichen Pattu padichen” song. The meaning for this Tamil line is - When heavy wind - I try to sell flour, when heavy rain - I try to sell salt... Ghajini fame Asin current state is exactly map to these lines now. After Ghajini block buster success and London dreams offer Asin fix on to conquer Hindi cinema.

Asin has budged her residence to Mumbai. Most of her advertisement offers are too based on Mumbai and she thought that there is no need of landing Chennai for offers. But Time - the world biggest teacher computation is different and Asin can snatch the power of time when her plan and dream has been starting to subside. Hindi movies usually took weighty production time (2 to 3 years).

Within this time there could be 3 or 4 Tamil movies can produce and release. Asin second Hindi movie London dreams took around two years to complete. If Asin would act only Hindi movies after 3 or 4 movies (another 5-6 years) she would be getting old and consider for only Aunty Roles. Asin realize this fact and now she got awareness of utilize the Tamil and Telugu opportunities. After Tamil and Telugu producers came to know recent Asin alertness they are trying to book Asin for their next movies... So, Tamil and Telugu cinema fans don’t worry Asin returns back.

Michael Jackson's glove auctioned in Australia

A bejeweled white glove Michael Jackson tossed to an Australian fan more than a decade ago sold at auction Sunday for 57,600 Australian dollars ($48,400), almost twice the estimated selling price.

Warwick Stone, a buyer for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, beat out five other bidders for the late King of Pop's glove, said Charlotte Stanes, spokeswoman for the Melbourne auction house Bonhams and Goodman. The estimated selling price before the auction was AU$30,000.

"We are very happy with the result," Stanes said. "It's the first glove we know about in Australia."
Bonhams and Goodman said it was the first auction of a Michael Jackson glove since his death on June 25 this year at age 50.

Jackson visited Australia in 1996 as part of his HIStory world tour. While in Sydney, he attended the Australian premiere for the film "Ghosts," in which he had a starring role. At the end of the screening, he tossed the glove at audience member Bill Hibble, who has since died, said national head of collectables Giles Moon.

Sridevi – Danush Aunty Role + Rupees One crore remuneration

Sridevi who ruled the South Indian film industry as well as Bollywood for 3 decades right from Kandhan Karunai (1967) as a child artist to Judaai (1997) is often cited by critics and other media as one of the most talented and prominent actresses of India. Her re-entry in Tamil at the age of 46 aroused great interest among Kollywood audience but they opened their mouth too wide when they heard about her salary! Actor Dhanush used the block buster films’ titles of his father-in-law Rajnikanth for his previous two films Pollathavan and Padikkathavan. Both films succeeded commercially. This time he is not only using the title but also remaking one of Rajnikanth’s block busters, Mappillai. Thalainagaram, Maruthamalai and Padikkathavan fame director Suraaj is going to direct the movie. Sweet Cutey Hansika Motvani is the heroine. The clash between Mother-in-law and Son-in-law is the core of the movie.

The Mother-in-law character is vital and it is equally important to the hero’s role. Only if a prominent and talented actress portrays the role, it would be well-respected by the audience. Ramya Krishan refused and Tabu demanded huge money. Finally, director roped Sridevi for Dhanush’s Mother-in-law role offering 1 Crore salary! This is the first time in Tamil cinema history a veteran actress bags such a huge sum for one film. Recently we read that Sridevi’s elder daughter Jhanvi is going to pair with Akhil Akkineni, Nagarjuna’s younger son in Telugu. Now, Sridevi herself got an opportunity in her mother tongue Tamil that too with high remuneration and meaty role. Russian-born U.S. writer and philosopher Ayn Rand said “Money demands that you sell, not your weakness to men's stupidity, but your talent to their reason”

Moore premieres new documentary in Venice

VENICE, Italy (AP) -- Michael Moore says his film "Capitalism: A Love Story" is dedicated to "good people ... who've had their lives ruined" by the quest for profit.
After much success at Cannes, Moore premieres the movie Sunday in his first appearance at the Venice Film Festival. It was warmly received at a press showing Saturday evening and won positive reviews. Variety called it one of Moore's "best pics."
"I am personally affected by good people who struggle, who work hard and who've had their lives ruined by decisions that are made by people who do not have their best interest at heart, but who have the best interest of the bottom line, of the company, at heart," Moore told reporters Sunday.

The film features plenty of examples of lives shattered by corporate greed — but also some inspiring tales of workers who have rebelled.
According to Moore, "the revolt you think I am calling for has actually begun. It began Nov. 4," when President Barack Obama was elected.
There is the Chicago glass and window company whose employees barricaded themselves to demand their pay after management laid off all 250 employees when the bank line of credit dried up.
Search: Michael Moore View results for: Moore's films Moore in VeniceFarenheit 9/11
On the side of greed, Moore tells the story of a privately-run juvenile detention center in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, that paid off judges to lock up juvenile offenders. One boy said he had done little more than throw a piece of meat at his mother's boyfriend during a fight at the dinner table, and a teenage girl's offense was making fun of her school's vice principal on a Myspace page.
The film is filled with classic Moore gimmicks, like wrapping crime scene tape around landmark banks and Wall Street institutions. And there is the expected Moore grandstanding as he tries to make citizen arrests of bank CEOs, not getting past the sometimes amused security guards at the main entrance. By now, everyone sees him coming and knows who he is.
Moore said he considered himself a proxy for the "millions of Americans who would like to be placing crime scene tape around Wall Street."
The filmmaker is optimistic that unimagined change can happen, citing the unexpected fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and Nelson Mandela's election as the president of South Africa after 27 years in prison for his anti-apartheid activism.
"There are many things that have happened in the last 20 years that are just utterly surprising, so that I now believe anything can happen. People can revolt in good ways."
Moore said his expose on the health care system, "Sicko," helped trigger "a national debate about why we are the only Western industrialized country that does not have universal health care."
While "Capitalism" has a strong political message, Moore said his main purpose is to entertain with a film that "makes you laugh a little, or cry, or think. I am happy with all those results.
But he acknowledges that his mass appeal allows him to reach even nonbelievers, a luxury enjoyed by few on the left.
"I am going to use that position to try to communicate not just to the church of the left but to the average, everyday American who wants to go see a good movie, and maybe gets something out of it at the same time."
"Capitalism: A Love Story" is competing for the Golden Lion, which will be awarded Sept. 12.

Aadesh Shrivastava's Birthday Bash

When it's one of Bollywood's most popular music director's birthday, you know he will celebrate in style. And that is just what Aadesh Shrivastava did as he invited his dearest friends which included singers Shaan and Khailash Kher to his bash. Guest enjoyed the classy affair which was held at the Presidency hotel in Mumbai. Check out the photographs from the party below.

(Shaan's wife)Radhika, Aadesh Shrivastava and Shaan

Aadesh Shrivastava with his family

Aadesh Shrivastava with Khailash Kher and industry folks

Miss Pooja's Summer Look: Hit or Miss?

It was a summer of new beginnings for Bhangra artists this year. While Jaz Dhami made his debut with his self titled album, Imran Khan proved to the world that he is not just a one hit wonder by releasing his anticipated album "Unforgettable." But it was Punjabi beauty Miss Pooja who really set off the most buzz with her new image to go along with her latest album "Romantic Jatt." Miss Pooja's traditional fashion has always matched her rich Punjabi vocals. But along with her brand new album she wanted a brand new look. Instead of her bright colored desi attire, Miss Pooja put on some tight jeans and short tops for a more urban flair. The tracks on her new album don't sound like anything she has done before, so why stop at a new album when you can also opt for an entire makeover? So is Miss Pooja's new look as big of a hit as her new album? Compare the two styles and drop your comments below.
(3.9) 66

'Final Destination' sustains fear factor with $12M

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Fear has trumped romance at the box office over Labor Day weekend.
The Warner Bros. fright flick "The Final Destination" remained the No. 1 movie for the second-straight weekend with $12.4 million for the first three days of the long holiday weekend. "The Final Destination" raised its 10-day total to $47.6 million.

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It came in ahead of Sandra Bullock's romantic comedy "All About Steve," a 20th Century Fox release which debuted in second-place with $11.2 million from Friday to Sunday. Bullock plays a woman who sets out on the road in pursuit of her soul mate.
Among other new movies, Lionsgate's action tale "Gamer" debuted at No. 4 with $9 million. The movie stars Gerard Butler in a thriller about real humans controlled by players in lethal games.
Opening at No. 10 with $4.2 million was Miramax's comedy "Extract," starring Jason Bateman as a businessman whose personal life heats up just as he's trying to sell his flavor-extract company to General Mills.
Studios will release estimates for the four-day weekend on Monday.