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Asin returns back to Tamil

Kottum Malai charal Uppu virga ponenKatru adikkum velai mavu virka ponenThese are touchy lines in Kamalhasan's Apoorva sagadargal "Unnai nenaichen Pattu padichen” song. The meaning for this Tamil line is - When heavy wind - I try to sell flour, when heavy rain - I try to sell salt... Ghajini fame Asin current state is exactly map to these lines now. After Ghajini block buster success and London dreams offer Asin fix on to conquer Hindi cinema.

Asin has budged her residence to Mumbai. Most of her advertisement offers are too based on Mumbai and she thought that there is no need of landing Chennai for offers. But Time - the world biggest teacher computation is different and Asin can snatch the power of time when her plan and dream has been starting to subside. Hindi movies usually took weighty production time (2 to 3 years).

Within this time there could be 3 or 4 Tamil movies can produce and release. Asin second Hindi movie London dreams took around two years to complete. If Asin would act only Hindi movies after 3 or 4 movies (another 5-6 years) she would be getting old and consider for only Aunty Roles. Asin realize this fact and now she got awareness of utilize the Tamil and Telugu opportunities. After Tamil and Telugu producers came to know recent Asin alertness they are trying to book Asin for their next movies... So, Tamil and Telugu cinema fans don’t worry Asin returns back.

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