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Japanese hardware sales, Aug. 10 - Aug. 16: Science edition

Far too often, we here at the Institute for Japanese Hardware Sales Tracking deal in half-truths for the purpose of attempted comedic affect. Sometimes, we deal in reverse-truths. Other times, supertruths -- but how would you even be able to tell? Ah, see. You just got logic schooled, son.

Today, we're trying something completely different: Explaining the causes for the changes in hardware sales for each console with cold, hard, unfeeling scientific fact. Observe -- and learn:
  • The DSi increased because people are still buying boatloads of Dragon Quest IX. Simple.
  • The wheels have somewhat fallen off the Wii wagon as interest in Monster Hunter 3 subsides.
  • The PSP increased because Dissidia: Final Fantasy is coming out in North America next week, and Japanese gamers want to experience the magic all over again at the same time ... that we do. This is science, trust us.
  • 360 sales increased 68.54%, due to wizards.*
  • The DS Lite decreased because it doesn't have a camera in it. Duh.
  • The PS3 didn't do much, as folks are putting off their Sony purchases 'til the Slim drops.**
  • The PS2 is ... it's like, twenty years old. Science can't explain why people are still buying it. You know who can?***
* - You're going to have to trust us on this one.
** - Yes, the PS3 Slim news didn't drop during the week of August 10. Wizards got involved, and time-traveled the news over to Japan early.
*** - Wizards.

- DSi: 87,936 17,870 (25.50%)
- Wii: 47,732 592 (1.26%)
- PSP: 39,882 5,989 (17.67%)
- Xbox 360: 9,162 3,726 (68.54%)
- DS Lite: 7,921 778 (8.94%)
- PS3: 5,944 118 (2.03%)
- PS2: 4,907 306 (6.65%)

[Source: Media Create]

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