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Miss Pooja's Musical Journey

There is no doubt that Miss Pooja is one of the hottest female talents on the Bhangra scene right now. Her early passion for music led her to earn a Masters in Music. This Punjabi sweetheart has now gone from being the girl next door to becoming an international phenomenon. Her unique voice and dance moves have awed us for years and her next album "Romantic Jatt" drops today. We wanted to take a look at Miss Pooja's musical journey and highlight some of her biggest hits!

One of Miss Pooja's earlier songs, "Ludhiane College," is one of her many duets with Shinda Shonki. Miss Pooja opens up the track with her flawless voice. The video is a cheesy Bhangra love story with vibrant costumes and typical dance moves. But with such a traditional folk Punjabi track, we'll let it slide.

UK artist Bee 2 was dazzled by Miss Pooja and collaborated with her on his track "Majajne" on Sound Pipe Records. While the video does not feature the Punjabi sweetheart, Miss Pooja's sweet and mesmerizing vocals shine through and she continues to catch the attention of music listeners everywhere.

The album "Reloaded" took over charts last summer as DJ H and DJ Rags gave the music industry an album as diverse as their experiences. They recognized Miss Pooja's talent and not only featured her on their album, but also created a fun and colorful video for her track "Char Panj", which also features singer Nirmal Sidhu. Miss Pooja's expressions are as animated as her voice. As the highlight in this paint splattered video, Miss Pooja started to get the spotlight that she deserves. She also stays true to herself in her traditional Punjabi attire and accessories.

Panjabi By Nature (PBN) wanted Miss Pooja on his album "Homegrown." Good thing that their collaboration worked out. Together, Miss Pooja and PBN gave us the HIT "Aashiq." So what can we say about Miss Pooja's vocals? They captivate us every time she opens her mouth. This video absolutely showcases all of Miss Pooja's talents: vocals, dance and expression. She looks sensational once again in traditional clothes and simple makeup.

Lehmber Hussainpuri has become one of the leading male vocalists on the Bhangra scene and when you put a king and a queen together, you get magic. Lembher and Miss Pooja released their song "Mera Mahi Tu Pateya." The video has two settings, one in the West at a theater and the other back East in Pind village. Miss Pooja dazzles in this song and is not outshined by Lembher. One would rather say that they complement each other quite well.

Miss Pooja's single "Kise de Naal Pyar" is getting hype all around the globe and her album "Romantic Jatt" is one of the most anticipated releases this summer. Her solo album is a way for Miss Pooja to showcase her vocals in a more urban Desi style, rather than the traditional Bhangra scene. Along with this new album and attitude, Miss Pooja also dons a new look! She is dressed in western clothes, sporting curly hair and representing women to the fullest!

Her success so far is just the beginning of her career. With her new album and look there is no saying how far Miss Pooja will go. She's cute, educated, talented, and quite well spoken. All we have to say is; you go girl! Check out her album "Romantic Jatt" out on Moviebox Records August 21 and let us know what your favorite Miss Pooja track is.

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