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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert to be Held in Mumbai

Michael JacksonJermaine Jackson loves Mumbai! The late Michael Jackson’s brother is in India’s financial capital right now to record an album with music legend Adnan Sami.

"We were supposed to record the song in LA. But on Adnan's suggestion we decided to relocate it to Mumbai and make it a tribute to Mumbai. I'm so glad we did that. Mumbai is such a vibrant city. I love the feel of the city. I love the food; I'm very fond of the entire Bollywood culture, the songs, dances and colors," he said.

Jermaine loves Mumbai so much in fact that he has decided to organize a tribute concert in honor of the King of Pop in the city! Earlier this summer, he was trying to arrange a tribute concert for Michael at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. But apparently he gave the artists too short notice and a lot of stars ended up canceling their performance. Jermaine had to reschedule and has now set his eyes on London and is hoping to put something together at the O2 Arena next summer.

And now the former Jackson 5 member has revealed that he wants to set up another concert in remembrance of MJ in Mumbai!

"We'll do concerts in Michael's memory in various parts of the world, including Mumbai which is now one of my favorite cities. Everywhere I go I see this overwhelming love for Michael. That's equally true of Mumbai," Jermaine revealed.

Wow! Sounds like Michael Jackson’s memory will live on for a long time and in all parts of the world! Are you excited about all these MJ tribute concerts to be held across the globe? Tell us what you think.

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