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'Heroine Quality Control Board' In Film Nagar

Most of the time, glamour of heroines play one of the key role in filling theatres with large numbers of youth. Not all the heroines get that craze except some well-built curvaceous sirens. Strange but true!

Desirable sex-bombs like Ileana, Tamanna and Shriya has that special mentioning in the initial days of their career for their 'quality' curves. Off course, those qualities have led them to rule the roost. Now some people have formed as a group in Film Nagar to determine the quality of the aspiring bombs who wander around producers' offices with hot photo shoots. Nicknamed as 'Heroine Quality Control Board', this team is headed by a flop director who introduced an hour glass beauty some time back.

Earlier, almost all the heroines are showed like sparkling angels by our talented veterans. Now that the content of these makers is going down, only voluptuous beauties are becoming their hopefuls.

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