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Lakshmi Manchu crazy about DP

It is common for many to have special fixations towards few things or few individuals. And the cinema industry also has got many individuals like that. One among them is the elegant celebrity Lakshmi Manchu. Those who have been watching her movements and communications have mentioned this.

They say that she is very crazy about Display Picture. Apparently, Lakshmi keeps changing them very frequently on her Twitter and Facebook profiles. Perhaps no one among the celebrities tend to change their display pictures like she does. Those who know Lakshmi say that she is very crazy about photographs.

Of course, given her natural beauty and a sensuous appeal, it is nice to see those changing pictures but the speed with which they keep changing is perplexing her fans and admirers. Well, there is not much one can do except enjoy the craze of Lakshmi Manchu just like how they enjoy seeing her.

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