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Sexy Actress advised to reduce her BP

The relation between the film industry and media has to be like whisky and soda. And there are times when either of them gets a little high and the taste goes bitter but both have to be in perfect harmony at all times. However, there are those who don't realize such things and tend to create further bitterness.

It is heard that the filmnagar circles are currently talking about one heroine. She is the milky thigh beauty Tapsee. Apparently, the pretty girl has been blasting her guns whenever a gossip is written on her. The cine seniors are advising that Tapsee must reduce her BP and learn to take few things in her stride.

They add that it is natural for all to be sensitive but there are times when few gossips are written for mere speculation and some dose of entertainment. So, the cine folks are suggesting that Tapsee must not take everything personally and react adversely. Let us see whether she listens to it or not.

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