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Tanish Movie's Flower Scene Rocks

One more time, Tanish has come up with an average movie but this time with some flare. There is a particular scene in this movie that is making audiences bump out of their seats like the 'Antakshari Scene' of Gabbar Singh.

A guy wearing a shirt with flower designs all over keeps pouring water on his body all the time. When asked why he is doing so, he replies that in order to prevent those flowers from withering he is watering them. This scene from Tanish's latest movie 'Mem Vayasuku Vacham' is tickling audiences to burst into uncontrollable laughs.

Though the movie is a decent one for Tanish after 'Ride', there is no freshness in the narration to keep the film running in theatres. Maybe the film would recover its budget, as there are no options for 'romance' lovers until some big films release by July. 

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