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Channing Tatum EXCLUSIVE: Don’t take your clothes off in a cold room (we think that comes from experience)

Channing Tatum (and his rippling torso) landed in London yesterday for the premiere of Magic Mike and he had a very good stripping technique to share…

Seeing as Channing Tatum started his career as a male stripper we thought he'd be the best man to share the most embarrassing thing that happened to him when taking his clothes off.
He told omg!: "You always want it to be warm in the room, [that] is the best way to put it."
The American actor walked the red carpet with is beautiful wife Jenna Dewan by his side at the May Fair hotel, and seemed proud of the Magic Mike project about a group of male strippers.
magic mikeChanning Tatum stars in Magic Mike a movie about male strippers. Copyright [Warner Bros]
We're not surprised though, seeing as the movie's concept was all his idea…
Channing added: "We're just trying to do our part to objectify men in movies for once instead of women always being the subject of objection."
Sounds to us like he's turning into a bit of a feminist, yesterday the actor told This Morning that he told his wife to stop waxing following his experience of the beauty treatment for the movie.
channing tatum jenna dewanChanning attened the premiere with is wife Jenna Dewan
He said: "I did have a huge amount of compassion [for women who wax] and then after I told my wife that she doesn't have to do it anymore and she still does it.
"So I have zero compassion. I'm like, 'Let it go. Let everything go. No one needs to go through that pain.'"

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