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Hot Aunty Ends her Marriage Finally!!

The wise men say that the lifestyle of an actress tends to be filled with so much of attention and glamour craving that at one point they find it difficult to adjust to the life of a normal woman. That is one reason why most of the starlets who have been part of the industry for long are not successful with their marriages.

Of course, there are exceptions like Ramya Krishnan, Simran, Jothika and others but here is the story of one actress who had a rather soft start to her career, went to the peak where she got wild and now is paying the price for it. She is none other than Manisha Koirala and news is that she has finally called off her marriage.

She got married to the noted businessman Samrat Dalal in 2010 and since then there were many instances where Manisha's marriage was reportedly in doldrums due to her free spirited nature. So now, it is heard that Manisha lives in Mumbai and is quite happy being single and wild. Soon, she will be seen in the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma's horror movie 'Bhoot 2'.

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