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Katie Holmes reportedly planned Tom Cruise escape with secret phone and Nicole Kidman

The Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce stories keep on coming as the couple endure one of the most public splits in history.
katie holmesKatie Holmes took Suri to the zoo yesterday admist claims she used a secret phone. 

The latest reports from the US, claim Katie Holmes used a mobile phone to plan a Mission: Impossible style exit from her marriage.
It's thought a friend gave the actress a non-traceable pay-as-you-go phone to enable her to contact lawyers behind Tom Cruise's back.
And not just that, it was like a military operation as the brunette hired three separate law firms in three different states before deciding to file for divorce in New York a move that is believed to have left her estranged husband, 'blindsided'.
It's also claimed that during her divorce plotting, Katie was given moral support from Tom's ex wife Nicole Kidman.
nicole kidmanIt's claimed Nicole Kidman supported Katie as she plotted to leave Tom Cruise.
US magazine report Nicole was very supportive and told the former Dawson's Creek star to 'hang on in there'.
The publication claims the women spoke during the early stage of Katie's marriage to Tom when the Australian star phoned to speak to her adopted children Connor and Isabella, and then the pair got close again more recently.
katie holmes tom cruiseKatie Holmes reportedly used a un-traceable phone to speak to lawyers.
Last weekend a settlement was agreed in New York stating Katie would have primary custody of her daughter, Suri.
Tom will have 'significant' time with his six-year-old daughter although it's thought the couple will be warring over what part the Top Gun star's religion, Scientology will play in Suri's upbringing.

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