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The Teen Choice Awards: Simon Cowell brands Demi Lovato ‘a brat’

Demi Lovato was the talk of last night's Teen Choice Awards.
Demi Lovato tests out the pink carpet. 
Not only was she presenting the show and changing outfits every five seconds, she was also one of the night's winners.
The Disney star was also subject to some rather harsh words courtesy of  a certain Mr Simon Cowell.
In case you didn't know, Demi is one of the new judges on X Factor USA, alongside LA Reid andBritney Spears.

And last night her judging credentials were pulled into question by Mr X Factor himself.
In a prerecorded VT, Simon described his new judge as:
"Annoying, obnoxious, disruptive, gobby, irritating, bad manners, not great taste — did I say irritating?"
Yes, we think you did Si.
He continued: "Annoying, very annoying. She's a brat. Um, I could go on for hours, but that's what makes her special, and I really do love her, a bit. Have a great night, wish I was there, but no one invited me."
Cringe! OK, so his tongue may have been firmly in his cheek but talk about an appraisal!
Britney Spears also sent in her good luck messages, saying:  "Congratulations, Demi, on hosting the Teen Choice Awards. Come back to 'X Factor' very soon."
Demi pays tribute to My Little Pony. 
However, cutting character assessments and X Factor USA aside, we were more interested in Demi's pink carpet outfit.
In what appeared to be some sort of tribute to My Little Pony, the Disney star appeared on the red carpet with her hair scraped back into a very dramatic ponytail.
While we recognize it's a pretty daring look, we also kind of love it. A sort of futuristic feathered Aztec princess.
Demi tweeted ahead of the show that she was 'so excited about the Teen Choice Awards' and couldn't wait to 'whip her hair back and forth'.
However, we sincerely hope she didn't attempt any whipping with this 'do — or she might well have ended up with a broken neck.

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