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DJ Gurps' Album 'Expectations' Hits Stores Today

dj gurps in a white shirt and grey vest standing with headphonesDJ Gurps' been hyping up crowds for years and now he's ready to captivate audiences with his debut album "Expectations." The album drops today, August 14, 2009, on VIP Records and we caught up with the DJ himself to see if he meets our expectations.

Having dj'ed events, being part of a road show, and now releasing his album we wanted to know what DJ Gurps really likes to do. Does he prefer to dj at weddings for all of the aunties and uncles? Or would he rather hit up the club scene with all of those lovely ladies? "[it's] good to have a balance at the moment obviously doing the weddings and family functions, but the student gigs gives you exposure. I don't like doing one over the other..." With all the exposure DJ Gurps has been getting for his album, what has the crowd's reaction been? "The public, there's been a really good vibe on the album. I've been working on it for 3 years. It's always nice to have people enjoying your work." So Mister DJ is it the people's attention or the girl's attention that you've been getting? "I don't know!" we tell DJ Gurps he is after all a hot DJ on the scene, "Thank you very flattered. I'm getting all red."

So he's got the looks, now let's talk more about his talent and what inspired him to become a DJ. "I used to play a lot of instruments, dhol, dholki, I did it personally for the platform. I love the music," DJ Gurps tells us, "I just loved the fact, to be performing in front of a crowd and to entertaining them." Who has DJ Gurps' shared the stage with and who has he met? "Ive performed in the same line up as Kanye and Sean Paul. Not only is it cool sharing the same stage, but hanging out in the VIP room with them. They have a mutual respect for you.".

dj gurps and kaka bhaniawalaWith the launch of his album, DJ Gurps has already given up 2 hot videos. We spoke to him about his video for 'Daru Peeke Nachda' which showcases the vocals of late Kaka Bhaniawala and even features him on the video. "That was Kaka's last performance unfortunately," DJ Gurps tells us as we discuss his experience with working with Kaka, "he just loved to sing he'd just randomly break out into a vocal you know, the new stuff he was working on. He was a very humble man, a very family man. He was such a nice person and it was a big shock and a big shame that he left us" We wanted to know what his expectations are for his album "Expectations." "That's a good question, actually! For people to see what I can do. It's my opportunity to show people what I can do as a DJ and an up and coming producer. We're doing as much as we can to push the Bhangra industry and push it farther...I just get to show people what I can do." DJ Gurps goes on to say, "Not every track's the same and not every song's a party track. There are more mellow tracks that have more meaning to them. It's an album that everyone can enjoy." So what does Gurps think of other current artists on the scene?"Jay Sean-he's worked really hard for what he has gotten as well, I'm happy for him I've got a lot of love for him. I think he's absolutely amazing."And what about Hard Kaur?"As for Bollywood, Kaur not knocking her ability with her rapping and singing and because she's put herself out there in India she's gotten that exposure. That was her aim and that's what you have to do. I think it's important, you have to make yourself visible and seen and recognized you have to go out there and get recognized and noticed"

What's to come next for DJ Gurps? Where is he spinning, and who is he meeting? "There's a few (collaborations) in the pipes that we're working on and hopefully there will be a time when we can put something out, even bigger than this one. Launch parties today, still busy because of the wedding season and so on and then I'll start working on the next album and get in touch with some vocalists." Any parting words for the Desi Hits readers? "Just keep watching, listening, reading Desi Hits. It's a brilliant online magazine. Please go out and buy the album and support the album!" And no, we did not ask him to say that!

Looks like we'll have to keep an eye out for DJ Gurps' upcoming projects, and in the meantime enjoy "Expectations" which is out today. Make sure to pay attention to track number 9, we got an insider tip that it's DJ Gurps' favorite! Be sure to check out "Expectations" on iTunes and keep it locked to Desihits! for our album review.

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