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Michael Jackson Death Investigation: Who Is Doctor David Slavit?

NEW YORK, New York -- Doctor Conrad Murray has been the center of police and media attention since the death of Michael Jackson on June 25 at the age of 50, but a number of other doctors names have been brought up recently in legal documents, including that of Dr. David Slavit.

Slavit, an ear-nose-and-throat specialist, based in New York City, administered Michael Jackson's physical in February of this year, which the pop star reportedly passed. The physical report allowed Lloyd's of London to issue the insurance policy on the pop star, under the name of "Mark Jones," according to the Los Angeles Times, to AEG Live in relation to his London concert dates.

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So who is Slavit?

So far, the doctor has remained quiet in the aftermath of Jackson's death on June 25 at the age of 50, despite requests for comment from various media outlets. Access Hollywood is amongst the outlets that have requested interviews with him and have been turned down.

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A receptionist for the doctor reportedly told Britain's Mirror newspaper, "He will not be speaking."

But some details have emerged despite the doctor's silence.

According to the NY Post, Slavit, 48, has previously treated singers including Margaret Lattimore, a mezzo-soprano, who has been nominated for a Grammy.

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"There's nobody I would trust more with my voice," Lattimore reportedly told the paper. "He's a fabulous doctor. Very discreet, incredibly professional, and the gentlest, sweetest man you can imagine."

Slavit, 48, is married to wife Robin, 49, and the couple lives in New Jersey with three children, the Mirror previously reported.

His father, Leonard Slavit, is a lawyer and defended his son in a lawsuit in 1999 over alleged unpaid rent, which was settled out of court, according to the NY Post.

"I found him to be completely dishonest or I wouldn't have had to sue him to get the money he owed me. I eventually got it," Dr. Howard Belin reportedly told the NY Post. Dr. Belin rented space in his NYC townhouse to Slavit and claims Slavit left before paying $41,000 in unpaid rent and $12,000 in damages, he told the paper.

As for his relation to Jackson, according to AEG Live's Randy Phillips, Slavit was, "hired by the insurance carriers" for the physical.

"[He] was hired by the insurance carriers to come out here," Phillips previously told Access Hollywood. "He gave Michael a pretty grueling five-hour physical and did all the tests...we were never privy to the patient doctor information, which we wouldn't be. But our insurance broker told us that Michael passed with flying colors - those were the words -- and all he had was a little hay fever."

Phillips said AEG received the policy, which would not have been issued without the physical report.

"We got an insurance policy because of the physical," Phillips told Access. "Lloyd's of London would not have given us a policy if there was something wrong in that physical."

According to the LA Times, per a reported deal with AEG, if any of the $17.5 million policy is eventually paid, 100% will go to the Jackson estate.

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