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Mike Myers Is a 'Basterd,' Too

Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" (misspelling intentional) hits theaters this Friday. Movie buffs are buzzing about Brad Pitt and his funky accent ("nat-zees"), but Mr. Pitt isn't the only A-lister to turn in a swell performance. Mike Myers also plays a pivotal role in the World War II epic. And though his role hasn't been heavily promoted in ads, the comedian is nevertheless scoring some buzz.

Mike Myers

Much like Tom Cruise's role in "Tropic Thunder," Myers' appearance in "Basterds" may serve as a bit of a comeback. Myers' rep as a bankable star suffered from the deservedly lambasted "Love Guru" and the PTSD-inducing "Cat in the Hat." In "Basterds," Myers plays it straight, taking on the role of an English general. Though nearly unrecognizable with his makeup and hair, astute viewers and blog readers have caught on and are searching. Lookups on "mike myers basterds" are on the rise, and are sure to increase this weekend.

For his part, Myers called his Basterds role "a dream." His parents were in the British armed forces, so playing an English general was right up his alley. But how did Tarantino think to cast Myers? Few would argue that it's an odd choice. In an article from Canada's CTV, Tarantino explains that Myers "let it be known that he's a fan and if there was something in the movie that would be proper for him, he would love to do it." Myers got the call, took the gig, and promptly "did a jig" out of sheer happiness.

Below, you can watch Mr. Myers in a clip. Vive les Basterds!

atch Mike Myers in Clips from 'Inglourious Basterds' (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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