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Urban Desi Artists and Their Signature Looks?

When it comes to hair, makeup and wardrobe, many of us take some time everyday to plan out what we want to wear and how we want to look. Stars are all the same; however, in their situations, being in the public eye, we tend to notice a lot of what they are wearing and what trends they seem to be following. After all who doesn't want to look like a star? We've taken a look at some hot fashion trends and have come across Urban Desi stars who seem to embody similar styles to mainstream artists. Take a look at some of the similarities we have come across.

Mumzy Stranger stepped onto the scene as just that, a stranger. He is a quiet character who belts out great tunes. Beyound his music he is known for his signature hat. Mumzy has been seen donning hats in his videos as well as in his photo shoots. Many other artists choose to wear lids: but usually they're baseball style caps as opposed to the 2009 version of the classic fedora. From the different textures to the fun colors, Mumzy has made the hat part of his look. Who did he remind us of? R&B artist Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo also hides behind a number of hats, most often the updated fedora. He too experiments with color and textures. Sexy, mysterious men hiding behind their hats? We don't mind one bit!

Kazz Kumar, of the Urban Desi group Sona Family, has been noted for dressing in her own funky, colorful outfits. No other Urban Desi chick has taken such fashion risks or made such daring choices in what they wear, let alone how they style their hair. Kazz's signature pink hair is donned by fellow rosey-hued singer, Pink. They both have accented sections of their hair in the hot pink dye and have gotten noticed for it. Do you think Kazz was inspired by Pink?

The flyest Urban Desi artist on the scene this summer has been Jay Sean. His UK and India successes are now being matched with his US success and Jay Sean has definitely been dressing for success. In each of his performances, we have seen Jay Sean all suited up. He tends to stick to slacks, button up white shirts and fitted blazers. And what better way to finish off an outfit that with some stunna shades! Unfortunately this look isn't quite signature, it's just dressy. Many other stars have also rocked out in basic business attire. Jay-Z for example is seen here in a black suit, white button up shirt and of course, his shades. He just takes the outfit to another level with the black tie. Maybe Jay Sean is playing it too safe with his look.

For a guy, manicures are not a common occurrence. However, our leading ladies take the time to not only get their nails done, but they get some crazy designs done too! MIA, Sri Lankan rapper, has never conformed to the norms in fashion. She too has sported some unique outfits that, well, only she could pull off. We came across a picture of one of her manicures and each nail is a design all its own. The vibrant colors and patterns classify this as less of a manicure and more of an accessory. In the mainstream world, Katy Perry has also been seen with some crazy, cool nails. Though her purpose for this picture was to show of her latest tattoo, we noticed her amazing nails! How does someone paint so much detail onto one nail? We don't know but we definitely like it. I wonder if any other stars will look as nails as the latest fashion accessory.

Dark, sexy, and sultry: women like to stay mysterious. Timbaland has worked with some amazing talents and Amar is only one of them. Trying to make her mark on the scene, Amar has worn some pretty hot outfits. Here, she's seen in silvery makeup and a fitted black outfit. She's a certified hottie in this shot! How about Keri Hilson? She started her career as a writer and then got her spotlight with Timbaland, too. In this shoot she is quite the siren, seen in a sexy black outfit, smoky eyes, and wavy hair. We can't help to wonder if this is actually a Timbaland signature look for his ladies, or one that the girls have coincidentally decided to pull off.

So there you have it. Some of the hottest Urban Desi stars and their signature looks. Or maybe we should say "not so signature" looks...Let us know what styles you like most and if there are any other comparisons we may have missed.

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