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KcK's 'Devil Firemix'

When this brand new Urban Desi artist’s track ended up on our desk, we didn’t know what to expect. Was this going to be another club banger? Or sweet vocals over a sexy R&B track? Not at all! KcK is not creating those types of songs.

The artist tells us, "my music has never been done before, on an Asian or mainstream platform."

Devil Firemix

There is no denying that the track "Devil Firemix" has a different sound all together from the Urban Desi hits we have been hearing around the world lately.

The artist took some time to tell us how he approaches each song.

"The difference between myself and others is that I promote firstly a positive message and I think about the audience or the listeners before myself. By doing this, as this is how I have always been, gives me the capability to write songs that relate to individuals of any age, sex race or background on a global level."

Well one thing is for sure; the boy is quite articulate and has a clear vision of what he is trying to accomplish. But will his music please the masses?

KcK asks, "Have you heard the music I do anywhere else here, or in the rest of the world??" Drop your replies below and tell us what you think of the song.

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