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Kareena Kapoor to Represent Sony Vaio's 'Size Zero' Laptops

Kareena KapoorWe have all heard of size zero models but size zero laptops? Yep, you better believe it folks! Sony Vaio is coming out with a new series of super thin "Size Zero" laptops and who better to represent the brand than super thin Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor?

The "3 Idiots" star is no stranger to endorsing products. She is already the face of Garnier shampoo and Globus fashion, and now she has moved on to computers! And being a size zero is not something that Kareena is ashamed of. She said that "I think in India, size zero means being slim. Every girl wants to be really slim and I think I am quite slim. India's size zero is associated with me and I am proud of that."

So we guess it only makes sense for the "Kurbaan" actress to sign a deal with Sony Vaio’s for the tiny laptops! "I only lend my name to a brand that is suitable to my personality type. Vaio X is slim, stylish and sexy, something that I easily relate with," she insisted.

Do you think Kareena Kapoor is the right person to represent Sony Vaio's "Size Zero" laptops? Drop us a line.

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