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Kanye West wears ridiculous trousers while Kim Kardashian does her best Peter Pan impression

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are usually one of fashion's first celeb couples.
Where do you even BUY leather harem pants? Copyright: [wenn]
However, here is proof that everyone has a day off now and then.
Could Kanye West have possibly chosen a more outrageously awful set of clothes to leave the house in?
We can only guess that both their stylists must have taken their summer holidays if these outfits are anything to judge by.
He's put his dad's vest on with his mum's necklaces and just where do you even buy leather harem pants?
We'd look angry too if we got caught in those trousers. Copyright: [wenn]
Not to mention the matching cap.
Put on backwards.
Harem pants in their entirety are a tricky trend and caps should only be put on backward if you are 13 or it's 1994.

Plus, in some sort of fitting tribute to Ali G, Kanye has even tucked his socks into his trainers — a look last seen down our local leisure center.
Kim didn't fare much better, stepping out in Peter Pan's nightie.
To make matters worse, the couple were off to the theatre, no wonder Kanye looks in such a rush to avoid the cameras.
If we were Kim Kardashian we would stop waving and hurry up and jump in that car before any more eyes get offended.

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