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Cops Crash Sanjay Dutt’s Navratri Party

Oh my Bollywood! We hear things got wild at Sanjay Dutt’s Navratri festival prayers at his residence in Mumbai on Saturday! As stars like Akshay Kumar, Zayed Khan and Sunil Shetty gathered at Sanjay’s place to celebrate Navratri, a Hindu festival of dance and worship observed for nine nights once every year during the beginning of October, neighbors called the police to complain about all the noise!

Maybe the three co-stars Akshay, Zayed and Sanjay were performing "Chiggy Wiggy" from their upcoming movie "Blue"?

But all’s well that ends well; after spending some time at the star's house, the police finally let the celebs continue their fabulous bash in peace.

Check out pics from Sanjay Dutt’s Navratri Party and tell us what you think? Does it look like the guests went wild? Share your thoughts!

Sanjay Dutt with wife Manyata Akshay Kumar

Sanjay and Manyata Dutt Akshay Kumar

Zayed Khan Sunil Shetty with wife Mannya

Zayed Khan Sunil Shetty

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