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Music Review: 'Baabarr'

"Baabarr" has a very powerful message and steers away from the typical movie with pretty girls and flowery fields. At the young age of 12, Baabarr shot a man in cold blood and in broad daylight. He felt no emotion and did not shutter once. From this childhood incident, Baabarr goes on to commit a number of heartless crimes, which eventually leads him to make it to the top of the country’s 'most wanted' list. This action film stars Soham Deepak, Mithun Chakraborty, along with a slew of other actors. With such a strong story, we expect a lot of powerful beats composed by Anand Raaj Anand.

What We Think:
"Baabarr" contains only six songs, but we did not expect much more; after all it is not your typical Bollywood flick. The title song "Baabarr" is sung by Sukhwinder Singh. His strong voice and ability to raise his notes without shouting is perfect for this song. Sunidhi Chauhan graces the soundtrack in "Baja Raat Ke Barah," a typical Bollywood track in the movie. "Maula Yeha Betaa" is an emotional song but seems to be transitional rather than representing its own scene in the movie. "Pagal Manva" and "Maula Unplugged" round off the album with strong and powerful vocals and lyrics.

Best Tracks:
"Baja Raat Ke Barah" and "Baabarr"

Final Verdict:
The soundtrack for "Baabarr" can only be better understood once we see the movie. The album is not strong enough to stand alone and will not top the charts. However, it compliments this action packed movie well! Check out the soundtrack for "Baabarr" if you are interested in seeing the movie.

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