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New Release Date For 747's 'Culture Shock 2'

culture shcok 2 poster announcing the new release dateThe 747 trio has created quite a stir on the Urban Desi music scene as they are getting ready to drop their album "Culture Shock 2: Blackmarket Edition." They captivated our attention with their "Bombay Bo" video and stole our hearts with their single "Dil." They showed off their skills with their remix of Sean Paul's "So Fine" and fans can't wait any longer for their new album to drop. Well it is official; "Culture Shock 2: Blackmarket Edition" will be released on November 3!

Where can you get the album? Well, The 747 trio is so overwhelmed with the love and support they have been getting that they will be giving away their album for free. They're asking fans to fill out a survey on their website and on November 3, the download link will be given out. This album is a true snag as it features 14 tracks! You'll be getting "Bombay Bo," "So Fine (Desi Hits Remix)," "Picture Perfect," and "King" just to name a few.

This however is not all that will be available to all those who take part in this online survey. On December 8, all fans on the mailing list will receive another download link from part 2 of the album. What more does the trio have in store? Part 2 will have the song "Exed Up" featuring Fabolous and a 72 mash-up done by producer and DJ Baba Kahn.

"Culture Shock isn't just about the three of us creating the music. It's recognizing the synergy between us and our fans. Without them, launching this new album in this new genre would be impossible. We believe in Culture Shock. We believe in creating global music for a connected world. We believe in transcending borders and tearing down conventions. We believe in this music so much that we want everyone to have the chance to experience it," the 747 trio said.

Check out this video of Baba Kahn, Lomaticc, and Sunny Brown sharing the news. Are you ready for the movement and will you be part of it? Drop us a line.



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