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Kamini Says: Lady Gaga and Kanye West on Drama Tour

Kanye West and Lady Gaga are set to join forces on their "Fame Kills" tour. These two are so high drama, we can't know what to expect. I'm sure this is the image want to convey to fans as excess is a draw in both their careers. Gaga and West push boundaries more than anyone else on the scene right now. Their promo for the tour is no exception. The pulp image of a naked Gagita and Kanye's hand reaching around her torso plays on so many taboos that it borders cliché.

When you are a celebrity who seeks fame through media ploys and extravagant designs, how can you also complain that it kills you? And then ask for more! Of course it's more complex than that and how can the rest of the world possibly understand the trials of fame, blah blah blah. Please.

West will use any concept and opportunity to get attention. He's like that nervous adolescent boy who won't stop teasing until you notice him. Lady Gaga is not an opening act, but was asked to tour alongside Kanye. I think he sought her out to bring some originality to his player ways. While Kanye was once bold, he has become predictable lately. His recent publicity stunt saying that he'll take time to "reflect on his life" is probably equal to the time he takes to come up with the next ploy to get under the spotlight.

This is the Drama Tour if ever I saw one.

Gagita can hold her own next to Kanye. I'm not worried about that, but she's gonna need a plan for all the last minute stunts he'll be planning to get in on her end of the show. When the "Fame Kills" tour ends, Gaga is going to need some time to reflect of her own.

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