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Music Review: 'Aladin'

Time and time again B-town has adopted Hollywood movies, and now it’s time for the classic love story of Aladin and Jasmine to get a Bollywood makeover. Ritesh Deshmukh plays the lead role of Aladin and Amitabh Bachchan plays the genie. Music producer duo Vishal and Shekhar had the daunting task of composing the soundtrack for this film, but with their young and hip style, they were ready for the challenge.

What We Think:
The soundtrack to "Aladin" contains eight tracks featuring some of Bollywood's biggest voices! Amitabh Bachchan sings "Genie Rap" while Sanjay Dutt's performs "Giri Giri." "Genie Rap" a fun beat and is quite catchy and whether or not this song becomes popular, it adds tons of life to the movie. "Genie Rap" has also been remixed by DJ Suketa. Sanjay Dutt's "Giri Giri" seems to be his character’s theme song but can be skipped.

"Tak Dhina Dhin" is another upbeat and fun song but it will definitely make more sense once we see the movie. Shankar Mahadevan sings it effortlessly. "Ore Saawariya" is a gorgeous song with Shreya Ghoshal opening the track, then Amitabh Bachchan comes on and it becomes different from what we expected. Shreya Ghoshal's voice shines on this track and for that reason we can't help but to listen to it again and again. Shaan and Shekhar are also featured on it. DJ Suketa’s remix, which gives it a more party and club vibe, may become another hit off the album.

A movie without a romantic ballad is no fun so Vishal and Shekhar give us "You May Be." The song is performed by Vishal and Shekhar and the lyrics are not only in Hindi, but also in English. "You May Be" will be on the charts for quite some time. Following the ballad we get another fun tune, "Bachke O Bachke."

Best Songs
"Ore Saawariya," "You May Be" and "Bachke O Bachke"

Worst Song
"Giri Giri"

Final Verdict
"Aladin" is a young and fun soundtrack that fits perfectly to its audience. Vishal and Shekhar have been quite a quiet producer duo and we are glad that they are back! This soundtrack is for anyone. Whether you're driving, want to party, or need some music to lift you up, "Aladin" has the music you are looking for.

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