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Top Chef Judge Padma Lakshmi’s Baby Name Game

Padma LakshmiWe already told you that U.S. television show Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi is pregnant but that the name of the father has not been revealed!

Well, now reports that the former wife of Booker Prize winning author Salman Rushdie will not reveal the name of the baby either!

But Padma promises that it won’t be a food-inspired name! "I just want to see how the baby looks when it comes, and then I'll have some ideas," she told

What she can say though is that the baby will get an Indian-inspired name.

"The name will have to do with my family. I don't think it's going to be called 'Pomegranate' or 'Atlanta.'” Phew! We can all relax and spend a happy Diwali weekend!

What do you think Padma Lakshmi should name her baby? Drop us a line.

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