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Konkona Sen Sharma Refuses to Change Image For 'Wake Up Sid'

March 14 2009 14:20 PST

There's a lot of pressure on women today, especially those in the entertainment industry. Some women have to change their hair color, put in contacts, gain and lose weight-basically live up to the impossible image of 'the perfect woman.' We recently told you about Daisy Bopanna changing her look to make her big comeback into Bollywood and now actress, Konkona Sen Sharma has been asked to do the same.

Director Ayaan Mukherji who is working on Karan Johar's next production, 'Wake Up Sid' with actor, Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma. Ayaan Mukherji asked actress Konkona Sen Sharma to lose some weight for the movie. Well, Ayaan Mukherji was probably in for a shock when Konkona Sen Sharma flat out refused.

She said that she's not changing how she looks and that is that. Considering that the ideal for beauty seems to be that slimmer women are more attractive, it's kind of surprising that Ayaan Mukherji asked for this at all. Why? Because the script revolves around an attractive young man falling for an older not-so-attractive woman, which means that if a smaller build equals attractiveness, then Konkona Sen Sharma is fine just the way she is. Not to mention the fact that, most people wouldn't consider Konkona Sen Sharma a candidate for weight loss by any means.

So we wonder if Ayaan Mukherji is going to keep Konkona Sen Sharma just the way she is or begin the search for a new actress. We want to know if you think that Konkona Sen Sharma should lose some weight for her new role. Let us know if you think she needs to be thinner and if you think she should just do what she's asked to build her career.

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